Data Enrichment

With the Data Marketplace, the Marini Integration Platform offers a place where you can enrich your data automatically and in real time. As a consequence, higher data quality also means more successful and efficient business processes – regardless of department.

Basic Data Enrichment

Data providers such as Dun & Bradstreet, Deutsche Post or Omikron Data Solutions can be connected to your systems via the Marini Integration Platform. You can validate and enrich your master data. This applies to both the B2B and B2C sectors. By increasing data quality, you automatically increase the success of your business and sales processes.

Technical implementation

For the enrichment and validation of your data via a third-party data provider, the DataEngine is required. First, the data from the source system (System A, right) is synchronized via the HubEngine into the DataEngine (into the Source Module). The connection to the data provider is natively implemented via the Data Marketplace.

The associated data is retrieved from the data service via the Data Marketplace and validated and enriched in the Source Module. This immediately triggers the HubEngine plan to the source system. The data is synchronized there. Now the data is enriched and validated in the source system.

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Simple Data Enrichment

Advanced Data Enrichment

While you connect your systems and keep your data in sync, you can still validate and enrich it as you transfer it to the platform – for higher data quality across all your source systems. Easily connect external data services like Dun and Bradstreet to your platform. For example, you can use financial or risk data for enrichment. This not only gives you synchronized and consistent data, but also validated and high-quality data – for more informed decisions and better management of your processes.

Technical implementation

The data is retrieved via the Data Marketplace as in the technology example above. However, it is now possible to additionally define in Automation Workflows and via the configuration of the HubEngine plans which data is to be transferred back to which system. The simplest case would be if the same data is transferred to both systems. This would make both HubEngine plans very similar in field mapping. However, it is more likely that for both systems it should be individually defined which data should be transferred back. For example, only the validated master data could be transferred to the ERP system, while additional information on the industry, sales or company structure would soley be transferred to the CRM system. Financial and risk data is also frequently required at the start of a business relationship in order to meet compliance requirements such as ESG or KYC.

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Technologies / Distributed Platform
Data Enrichment


Validate your data and enrich it effortlessly via the Data Marketplace. The Data Marketplace is neatly embedded in the Marini Integration Platform. How you transfer your data to your system(s) after retrieving it from the data provider can be freely modeled using the Marini Integration Platform. You can route your data as you wish.

We do not offer service of enrichment and validation of your data ourselves. You have to book this separately with a third party provider. Marini Systems only provides the connection to the third party provider. We work closely with partners, especially Dun & Bradstreet and Omikron Data Solutions. If you have any questions or are interested, please contact our sales department.

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