Advanced SAP-D&B Integration

Leverage the potential of the data in your SAP system with a seamless D&B Integration

The Advanced SAP-D&B Integration extends your SAP systems (e.g. MDM, C4C, S/4HANA) with real-time data from Dun & Bradstreet. Enrich your accounts easily and automatically with external data (e.g. Company Information, Compliance, Risk, AML, ESG) to make better decisions.

Corporate data by Dun & Bradstreet integrated with ease - across any systems

“With Marini Systems we have gained a flexible and reliable partner for data integration. In today’s world, we face countless system types and providers. At the same time, resources, especially in IT, are becoming increasingly scarce. Through the Marini Integration Platform, we easily deliver our data to any of our customers’ systems, be it CRM, ERP, MDM or any other. For our customers, this means data integration without a time-consuming IT project. So we can ensure that the D&B Data Cloud is integrated into our customers’ systems quickly and automatically.”

Björn Gerster – Director Marketing Consulting DACH, Dun & Bradstreet

Clean and high-quality data for higher sales performance

With the Advanced SAP-D&B Integration you have clean, up-to-date, high-quality data for every account in your system in real time. This is especially important since it is estimated (source: Salesforce) that 91% of the data in a CRM system is incomplete and 70% of the data becomes outdated within a year.

  • Master Data
    Validate and standardize the master data of your accounts. All company data is always up to date – such as managing director or address data.
  • Risk and Compliance Data
    With this external data, you can address requirements such as KYC, AML, and ESG. Through effective risk management and credit management, you know exactly who you are dealing with and you can avoid unpredictable business risks.
  • Financial Data
    You get all the information about the financial assessment of the company – such as ratings, scores or business reports.
  • Company Structure Data
    You can enrich your account with all data related to the company structure. What are the company linkages (franchises, subsidiaries, etc.) and ownership structures?
  • Payment Insights
    It is often important to be able to assess the payment power and liquidity of a company, especially in pre-sales phases. D&B provides numerous insights, including its own Payment Index.
  • All Data Blocks available
    All D&B data blocks are available for integration into your system. You can get an overview of all available data on the Data Marketplace.
  • Fast reaction and sales success
    Thanks to the integration and the additional information available, you can respond quickly and specifically to inquiries and customer reactions. This increases your sales success.

All you need to provide your sales force with the best possible data - for optimal decision making

Enrich customer data

Enrich your customer data with all the important data – everything from Master Data to Financial to Risk and Compliance is possible.
No DUNS available? You identify the unique DUNS number automatically or manually via the Identity Resolution. Then your customer data will be automatically enriched depending on the booked Data Blocks from D&B.

You can also find new customers using the Type Ahead or Criteria Search. The customer data is loaded into the Marini Integration Platform, transformed and synchronized directly into your connected SAP system.


Stay up to date with monitoring – you get changes immediately pushed to your SAP system.
As soon as an update is available from Dun & Bradstreet, it is applied and synchronized in your SAP system. It does not matter which Data Blocks have been subscribed to. Your data will be updated continuously. The monitoring of customer data can be activated either manually or by rule for each individual customer. As soon as the data at D&B changes for a DUNS you are monitoring in your system, the Marini integration will be informed of the change and the updated data will be automatically and directly transferred into your system.

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Boost your data quality and increase your sales success

With real-time integration from Dun & Bradstreet’s Data Services, your sales force has the most current and relevant information on every account.

Take your data to the next level - with the Advanced SAP-D&B Integration powered by Marini Systems

Master Data

Ensure the data quality of your master data continuously and automatically.
Retrieve the master data for your potential customers and new customers and update the master data of your existing customers continuously and completely automatically. Depending on the package booked with Dun & Bradstreet, all important data such as contact data, industry codes and key figures (company size, structure, etc.) are available.

Marketing & Sales

Increase the success of your marketing and sales campaigns.
Identify who else might be interested in your products, create better campaigns and focus on promising leads. Learn more about your customers’ activities and profile, so your sales team is up to date, making better decisions. Leverage the potential of your regular customers with successful up-selling and cross-selling activities.

Compliance & Risk

Minimize your business risk with extensive assessment data.
Find out about potential risks with your business partners at an early stage. With effective risk and credit management, you can make the right decisions, reduce bad debt losses and thus increase your cash flow. Effective risk management is only possible with reliable data. It helps you to identify opportunities and risks at an early stage.

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The Advanced SAP-D&B Integration is high-performing, scalable, secure and privacy compliant.

Benefit from a direct integration of D&B Data Cloud features in your SAP system with the Advanced SAP-D&B Integration

Identify your new business partner effectively and quickly. The basis for this is the globally unique identification number D-U-N-S®. Powerful search options are the basis for this. In the Advanced SAP-D&B Integration, the search options are integrated and can be called directly from your SAP system.


The fastest way to the unique DUNS number.
Type the company name you are looking for into the mask and get the most relevant matches displayed on-the-fly. The fastest way to identify a new business partner and create it directly with the correct master data.

Identity Resolution

D&B offers you a statistical matching for your accounts.
You don’t know the exact name, but you know more details? Statistical matching suggests the most likely companies based on your information. You decide and get the right data synchronized directly into your SAP system.


You have extensive search options – for new accounts.
Looking for new customers? Select the most relevant companies according to your own search criteria such as industry, size, address, radius and much more. You can use these for marketing and sales campaigns.

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Advanced SAP-D&B Integration powered by Marini Systems

All D&B services are integrated into the Marini Integration Platform and available there as services. The platform is responsible for monitoring, data transformations and controls the data flows. The data is synchronized from the platform to the corresponding modules of your SAP system in real time.

D&B Bradstreet's data services are integrated into SAP via the Marini Integration Platform for higher data quality and thus more informed decision making.

FAQs about the D&B-SAP-Integration

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