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Data management and process automation for universities and institutions

Educational institutions are characterized by B2B sales (e.g., executive education programs), as well as by directly addressing students with the right information. Thus, CRM systems, systems for student lifecylce management and, for example, financial aid management are often in use. The integration of data and the automation of processes enable effective and efficient work.

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Central data platform for universities

Creating a consistent view with a central platform
When it comes to data management, institutions therefore benefit greatly from the standardizations and automations made possible by our integration platform. Often, our platform also represents the entry point for institutions and associations into the topic of Big Data. In this way, our central Enterprise Data Platform creates the basis for enabling a central view of contacts from the large and distributed data volumes (Customer 360).

Standardize and automate data management

Standardized and easy management of your data
Institutional users of our integration and automation platform include well-known public institutions and agencies, associations and universities. The challenge for institutions is often having to manage a lot of data across a large number of systems. At the same time, the resources available for this are limited. This is where the standards of the Marini Integration Platform come in useful.

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