Standardized components. Unlimited possibilities.

The Enterprise Data Integration Platform from Marini Systems provides you with high-performance and flexible components for data integration, data management and data quality. Activate the components when you need them for your project and control everything via the intuitive no-coding UI.

HubEngine Plan Overview


The HubEngine is an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service). You can seamlessly connect your data from all your systems, applications, services and platforms – data silos are a matter of the past.

Integrated Realtime Analytics


The DataEngine is an aPaaS (Application Platform as a Service). You can transform, consolidate, standardize, enrich and visualize all your data in reports and charts.


Data Marketplace

Via the Data Marketplace, you can smoothly integrate additional data sources (e.g. business metrics, risk data, MDM, AML, or ESG) into your systems, enrich and validate your data.

No-Coding and Zero Downtime Deployment

For all those who want to go beyond professional standards: Using the no-coding user interface, even demanding requirements can be implemented more quickly and systems can be modified during operation. This shortens the runtimes of IT projects, which also significantly reduces costs.

Leading SMEs, corporations and institutions already trust in MARINI.