Enterprise Data Integration for companies in the chemical industry

Just as in the healthcare sector, the chemical industry also has to comply with stringent legal requirements, and sales are characterized by a high level of consulting intensity and longer sales cycles. Having all interaction data available in real time as well as continuous contact care are crucial for successful and sustainable sales.

Integrate all marketing and sales systems in the chemical industry

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Mastering touchpoints

All interaction data available always and everywhere
Customers’ decisions for the complex offers from the chemical industry take place over a longer period of time. Providers must offer the right information and be responsive at all stages of the customer journey. To do this, all touchpoints must be kept in sync. Often, however, customer interactions with different touchpoints are also stored in different systems – a bad starting position for sales. By consistently integrating all systems – with the Marini Integration Platform – sales can get back an overview of customer interactions.

Meet requirements

Easily meet all compliance requirements
Since offers in the chemical sector often involve a high level of risk, strict legal requirements must be met and, in particular, documentation obligations must be fulfilled. Information for this must be securely recorded, managed and synchronized with the relevant systems. This is only possible with uncompromisingly integrated systems. Systems in the chemicals industry also have to meet certain security requirements. Since we have already successfully implemented many projects in the chemical industry, we have successfully completed the corresponding tests in the context of security and GDPR.

Integrating systems

Seamless representation of sales processes with integrated systems
Decisions in the chemical industry are made by a purchasing committee when a certain investment volume is reached. The master and transaction data of the entire buying center must be accessible in real time to all parties involved in marketing and sales. This can be achieved by fully integrated systems. The Marini Integration Platform helps you to easily and quickly link all your systems and synchronize your data.

Optimize data

Facing complexity with clean and consistent data
Due to the complexity of the offerings, the intensity of consulting is high. This is reflected in many contacts and a lot of data. This information must be made accessible to all parties involved to enable optimal service and sales success. With the Marini Integration Platform your entire system landscape is integrated. All your data is synchronized and available in all integrated systems – in real time.

Raise potentials

Provide your sales department with the best customer overview
In addition to technical features, personal interaction is important in the chemical industry. The network, “who knows whom” and impulses from the network can decide about a deal. Data and movements from the network must be trackable. Depending on what systems your sales force uses, data can already diverge here. With integrated systems and data, system boundaries will end.

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