Energy Suppliers

Enterprise Data Integration for Energy Suppliers

In the energy supply sector B2B sales are important as well as the end-customer business. Customer expectations are similar to those in the FMCG market. In addition to targeted customer interaction, the topic of sustainability is particularly important. Here, it often makes sense to enrich one’s own data with ESG data (Environment, Social and Governance).

Integrate all marketing and sales systems in the energy industry

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Master complexity

Seamlessly integrate all systems used in the sales process
Since energy providers have customers from both the B2B and B2C sectors, this poses special challenges for data integration. Here, the automation capabilities of the Marini Integration Platform play a key role in tailoring and automating communication processes with end customers. This allows companies to intelligently automate their marketing and sales processes to address the complexity of their customer structure. Account-based marketing is very suitable for companies, whereas this is not the case for private customers.

Connect data

Rely on a high-performance integration platform
In the energy supply industry, large volumes of prospects and customers are managed. The integration solution must be able to synchronize these data volumes with high performance. This results in specific requirements for system integration and process automation. However, customer data is usually distributed across many systems. A flexible and high-performance integration solution can be used to merge the customer data – for a consistent view of the customer. This ensures an efficient sales process.

Optimize offers

Efficient sales due to clean and complete data
Since the offers in the energy supply industry are very comparable, “soft” factors such as consulting quality and response times are often key. To achieve this, all customer information must be available promptly in all systems for all parties involved. This enables your sales department to react optimally and quickly. For example, about 50% of sales go to the supplier who responds first. Personalization also plays a key role here. Only when the data is connected to each other is there an optimal basis for a data-driven marketing and sales strategy.

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