Success through excellent support

In the demanding world of Data Intelligence, uncompromising support often makes the difference. At MARINI, the customer is at the center, and our commitment to quality is evident in every support we offer.

All-in-One Support

Technical Excellence

  • User and Technical Support
    always available as an integral part of MARINI
  • Response Time
    We are immediately there for you with critical questions or problems
  • International
    available worldwide in English and German
  • Quality Promise
    Top performance in data integration and Data Intelligence

Economic Value

  • Reliability
    professional and cost-effective solutions
  • Platform Expertise
    optimal business solutions
  • Predictability
    stable and calculable operating costs
  • Scalability
    Quality that grows with your company

Add-Ons for special requirements

Key-Account Service

Our Key Account Team provides specialized support for extensive applications with user interfaces, including training, onboarding, and customizations.

  • Quick Responses
    within one business day
  • Personal Expertise
    contacts who know your system
  • User Onboarding
    a successful start for everyone
  • Flexibility
    projects easily achievable directly through support
  • Regular Coordination
    Jour Fixe up to once per quarter.

Developer Service

The Developer Service Team provides reliable support for demanding projects, especially for tailor-made solutions and in-house developments.

  • Quick Responses
    within one business day
  • Developer Support
    Assistance for custom code and servers
  • Proactive
    Technical service that anticipates needs
  • Custom Solutions
    Projects flexibly achievable through support
  • Test Environment
    Sandbox for risk-free developments

Leading SMEs, corporations and institutions already trust in MARINI.