Manage your data smarter, scalable and automated

The DataEngine is the no-coding component for scalable and holistic data management. Whether you want to model sophisticated ETL integrations or an enterprise data platform – using the DataEngine you have the right tool for a faster and more successful implementation.

DataEngine Features

All you need to grow faster with your data and processes.

User, Groups and Roles

A consistent no-coding principle in the user and admin areas allows modules, transformation workflows and reports to be set up quickly, easily and simply in the DataEngine. The rights and role management easily meet the requirements of even large agencies and international enterprises.

  • No-coding Admin UI
  • No-coding User UI
  • Enterprise User Management
  • Dynamic group and rights management
  • ACC (Access Control Concept)
  • MFA (Multi Factor Authentication)
  • Multilingual

Data Architecture Modelling

Leverage the DataEngine to model your platform professionally and without a line of code. The Module Builder and the Module Data Studio offer you all possibilities to set up a holistic data architecture effortlessly. For many areas, you can easily install pre-built modules from the store into your platform.

  • No-code Module Builder (Build custom modules and relationships)
  • No-code Module Studio (Customize module fields, layouts and relationships)
  • Module Store (Load prebuilt modules)
  • Deployment Process
  • Deployment Revisions
  • Unlimited Fields and Options
  • Unlimited Relations
  • Unlimited Records
  • Flexible Change Logging
  • Zero Downtime Deployment

Data Management

In the DataEngine you have a holistic view of your data architecture and all functions to harmonize, consolidate and transform your data. You have full control over your data and an improved basis to make data-driven decisions.

  • Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Transaction Data Management
  • Change Data Management
  • Activity Management
  • Data Segmentation
  • Data Harmonization
  • Data Consolidation
  • Data Transformation
  • Data Export and Import
  • Data Integration (HubEngine)
  • Team Coordination (Need-to-know Principle)
  • Advanced Global and Module Search

Smart Workflows and Process Automation

Load data from all integrated systems and from any connected source – whether cloud-based, on-premises, APIs, ERP or CRM systems – and automate your processes end-to-end without compromise. With individual data pipelines, you can automate your processes exactly as you require. You can choose from numerous workflow options to model successful digital processes and continuously improve your data management.

  • Individual Data Pipelines
  • No-Coding Workflow Management (rule-based, event-driven, scheduled)
  • Unlimited Data Transformation Workflows (ETL, ELT)
  • Unlimited Business Workflows
  • Smart Data Routing
  • Process Visualization (BPMN)
  • Translation Services (Multilanguage)
  • Real-Time Notification Services (SMS, E-Mail)
  • Advanced Integration Management (HubEngine)
  • Real-Time Synchronization Trigger (HubEngine)
  • Professional Logging

Data Quality and Enrichment

Data quality, besides data availability, is critical to a more successful data-driven strategy. Improve the quality of your data automatically and continuously. This will provide you with a more solid foundation for better decisions – in the automated processes and also in non-automated decisions.

  • Golden Record (Record Linkage, Single Source of Truth)
  • Duplicate Management Automation
  • Data Consolidation Automation
  • Data Relation Management
  • Data Standardization and Normalization Automation
  • Data Validation Automation
  • Data Cleaning Automation
  • Data Enrichment Integrations (Data Marketplace)
  • Real-Time Consumer Intelligence Data Enrichment (D&B)
  • Real-Time MDM Enrichment (D&B)
  • Data Quality Monitoring

Privacy and Consent Management

Gain better transparency for your customer data by centrally documenting and seamlessly managing consent and its origin from all sources. The DataEngine is a place where your customers’ privacy and the concept of data ownership are at the center.

  • Data Governance
  • Data Ownership Management
  • Central Consent Management
  • Access Control (Need-to-Know Principle)
  • Deletion Concept Management and Automation
  • Customizable Audits (Field Change Log; Event-Sourcing)
  • Compliant Data Management (HGB, BDSG, GDPR etc.)
  • Visualization of procedure directories

Visualizations and Reporting

Manage your business more precisely with real-time reports and dashboards. Keep track of all data, automations, processes and their changes via dashboards or flexibly evaluate your data with unlimited reports.

  • Real-Time Dashboards
  • Real-Time Reports
  • No-Coding Report Builder
  • No-Coding Dashlet Builder
  • Unlimited Conditions, Filter and Calculations
  • Flexible Aggregation Level
  • Interactive Visualizations
  • Forecast Management
  • Process Visualization (BPMN)
  • Individual Reports (Access Control Management)

Data Security and Protection

The Marini Integration Platform is developed according to the principle of “security by design” and in compliance with data protection. Requirements are also highly prioritized and always considered during operation and further development. The DataEngine also provides all known compliance requirements needed for data protection compliant operation when building the individual applications.

  • Security by Design
  • GDPR-compliant
  • Hosting exclusively in Germany
  • Backups (several times a day) exclusively in Germany
  • Data and System Recovery
  • MFA (Multi Factor Authentification)
  • SSO (Single Sign-on)
  • Change Logs
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • DRP (Desaster Recovery Plan)
  • IRP (Incident Response Plan)
  • CIRT (Critical Incident Response Team)
  • Status Monitoring and Alerts
  • Trust Center

Professional Services and Support

We are always there for you and support you in all steps: In planning, implementation and operation. Our consulting, project implementation and support teams specialize in data integration and platform building, acting in a straightforward and collaborative manner. Your success is our priority. Let’s just get started together.

  • Help Center
  • Premium support
  • Developer support
  • Partner network
  • Academy (Tutorials and trainings)
  • Strategic consulting
  • Project planning and implementation

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