Centralized Platform

Put the customer at the center by obtaining a consistent view of your customer data. In the centralized platform, you pull together all the relevant information about a customer. There you can consolidate, validate, condense and enrich the data. In this way, you have all the important information about your customers available, structured and visible in one centralized location.

Golden Record

If you integrate master data, it is recommended to create a golden record. This gives you a persistent ID (PID). The PID is written back to the source systems and uniquely identifies an object such as a contact across systems. In the centralized platform, you have a consistent overview of your master data. There you can control the orchestration of your master data.

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EDP - Golden Record

Master Data and Transaction Data

From golden record to customer 360. If you not only combine master data in the golden record, but also link transaction data to it, you get a 360-degree view of your customers. All relevant information is available and visible in one centralized location. This eliminates the cost of information gathering and gives you a more complete view, allowing you to make more informed marketing and sales decisions.

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EDP - Golden Record + Transaction Data

Golden Record Enrichment

Of course, you can still have the golden record validated and enriched by an external data service such as Dun and Bradstreet. In addition to the golden record, it is also possible to validate and enrich the data of the source modules. You can also enrich the source modules and the golden record with different data each. The golden record with the important data, which should be available centralized. The source modules with the data that you want to transfer back to the source systems. For example, financial or risk data is available to you for enrichment. The quality of your data already increases through the creation of the golden record, but with data validation and enrichment it increases even more. This gives you an even better and more complete view of your customers – for more informed marketing and sales decisions.

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EDP - Data Enrichment

Multi Golden Record

The Multi Golden Record refers to the fact that not only one entity, such as contacts, form a Golden Record, but also a second entity – such as companies. The special feature is that both Golden Records are set in relation to each other. Both Golden Records receive their unique PIDs. The Golden Account has a 1:n relation to Golden Contacts. A Golden Account can be associated with one or more Golden Contacts. The most common combination of Multi Golden Records is that of Golden Accounts and Golden Contacts. However, other combinations are theoretically possible, depending on the use case. This does not change the underlying logic though.

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EDP - Multi Golden Record

Realtime Reporting

Once you have created the golden record – with all relevant information such as transaction data or enrichments etc. in one place – evaluations and analyses are a reasonable next step. The EDP/CDP offers you a wide range of options for evaluations such as visualizations and real-time reports. This gives you an on-the-fly overview of the most important statistics of your customers. If you need very extensive visualizations, you can easily connect your centralized platform to a BI dashboard such as Power BI or Tableau via the HubEngine.

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EDP - Reporting & Controlling

Smart Access Control

The centralized platform holds some of your most important data – that is, the data related to your customers. That’s why we provide fine-grained role and rights configurations. You can define in detail which users are allowed to see and edit which data. Every employee of your company gets exactly the access he or she needs – following the need-to-know principle ( GDPR, Article 5, Paragraph 1a).

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EDP - Access Control

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Frequently Asked Questions

A centralized platform can serve as an Enterprise Data Platform (EDP) or a Customer Data Platform (CDP). If the entities contact and company are the main entities, we speak of a CDP – in the other cases of an EDP. In the centralized platform you collect all relevant data in one place to have it available and visible at one glance. This often forms the basis for visualizations and analyses.

For a centralized platform, you need the DataEngine in addition to the HubEngine. The data is routed to the platform and transformed, validated, consolidated, aggregated or enriched there. This gives you a single profile of your customers. This is available and visible in the centralized platform – and always up-to-date thanks to real-time integration of your systems.

A centralized platform, unlike a distributed platform, is not designed as a darknet. In the platform, you bring together your customer data from all your relevant systems and build a single, complete profile there. The centralized platform is a system with a user interface that visualizes the customer data. Therefore, you can view the complete customer profiles there – following the idea of Customer 360: a 360 degree view of the customer.

The golden record can be enriched with all transaction data associated with the entity. All that is required is a relation to the entity of the golden record (e.g. contact).