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HubEngine: Accounts and groups

The HubEngine structure is divided hierarchically into accounts, groups and plans. An account can contain several groups. A group can contain several plans.

Your personal HubEngine Dashboard appears after you log in.

In the overview you can see all accounts to which you have access. Access to an account does not automatically mean that you have access to all groups in this account. If you want access, then fill out the corresponding form via the Request New Account button or send your token to the admin of the account.

If you now open an account, you will be directed to the groups.

Accounts contain groups in the HubEngine hierarchy structure. If you select an account, you see all the groups that you have access to.

In this example, all groups are fully available to us because we have admin rights over the account. We can open any group, move it, edit it, add a subgroup and add a plan. We are also allowed to create new groups. Depending on what user rights you have, you may not see all the options shown here. Your rights may also vary from group to group. This makes the HubEngine suitable for the use of more complex Access Control Concepts (ACCs).

We also have the option to add a plan once we have opened the group. We now open the group Dev.

If you select a group, you will get an list overview of all plans in that group. If you want to add a plan, click the button on the top right corner.

In this group (Dev) we have three plans.

  • we synchronise undirectionally from a Salesforce Sales Cloud into a SAP C4C (Cloud for Customer).
  • we synchronise undirectionally from a Hubspot Sales Hub into a SAP C4C (Cloud for Customer)
  • we synchronise bidirectionally between a Microsoft Dynamics 365 instance and a Hubspot Sales Hub.


Accounts contain groups. Groups, on the other hand, contain plans. In plans you configure the synchronisation between your systems. Groups are usually used for a project. In this way, plans that belong to a project are grouped together.

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