User Settings

User settings in DataEngine provide users with the ability to customize their personal preferences and configurations. These settings are divided into four tabs: “User Profile,” “Password,” “Advanced,” and “Layout Options.” Here is an overview of the functions in each tab:

Tab User Profile

The “User Profile” tab contains general information about the user, such as:

  • Name: Here, you can view and edit your name.
  • Email: Your email address is displayed here and can be updated.
  • Department: The associated department field can be edited.
  • Position: You can enter or change your position or role within the organization here.

This tab allows users to manage their basic personal information.

Tab "Password"

The “Password” tab provides the option to change one’s own password. Here, you can enter your current password and set a new password. Confirmation of the new password is required to ensure it is entered correctly.

Tab "Advanced"

In the “Advanced” tab, users can make specific settings for the display and format of date, time, and names, including:

  • Date Format: Here, you can select the desired date format.
  • Time Format: The desired time format can be specified here.
  • Timezone: You can choose your preferred timezone to ensure that time displays align with your regional requirements.
  • Name Display: You can set how your name is displayed in the application, such as first name, last name, or reverse order.

These advanced settings allow users to customize the user interface and data presentation according to their individual preferences.

Tab "Layout Options"

In the “Layout Options” tab, users can make various customizations to the user interface, including:

  • Copy Dashboard From: Here, users have the option to copy existing dashboards and use them as templates for new dashboards. This saves time when creating dashboards.
  • Hide Modules: You can hide modules at the user level if you do not need or want to see certain modules in the user interface. This allows for individual customization of the modules that are most relevant to you.

User settings in DataEngine provide users with the ability to tailor their experience and configure the user interface to match their preferences and requirements. This enables a more efficient and personalized use of the platform.

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