DataEngine Power Connector

To use Marini Systems’ DataEngine with Power BI, follow these steps to install the necessary Power Query Connector

  1. Download the Connector File: Obtain the .mez file for the Marini DataEngine from the authorized source.
  2. Place the Connector File: Move the downloaded .mez file to this location on your computer, create this path if necessary: C:\\Users\[YOURUSER]\[Documents]\Microsoft Power BI Desktop\Custom Connectors
  3. Allow Custom Connectors: Ensure that Power BI permits the use of third-party custom connectors. For detailed instructions, visit this link.
  4. Restart Power BI: Close and reopen Power BI to load the newly added Connector.

Alternatively, upon request, we can provide a signed Power Connector. This may be needed, for example, if the connector is to be automatically deployed within a company without each user having to perform the steps mentioned above.

Getting Data into Power BI

Make sure, you have a Client ID and Client Secret to access the API of your Instance. If not your can visit, Generating New Client Credentials

Follow these steps to import data from the Marini DataEngine into Power BI:

  1. Access ‘Get Data’: Open Power BI and navigate to the ‘Get Data’ dialogue.
  2. Search for Marini DataEngine: In the search bar, type ‘Marini DataEngine’ to find the connector.
  3. Connect with custom connector: Choose ‘Marini DataEngine – Data Objects (Beta) (Custom)’ to retrieve available data objects and click ‘Connect.’
  4. Enter Instance Identifier: Input your Instance Identifier (e.g., ‘your-instance.marini.system’) when prompted.
  5. Provide Client ID and Client Secret: Obtain these values from your DataEngine Administrator and enter them when prompted.
  6. Select Data to Load: After authentication, a window will display available Data Objects. Check the boxes next to the DataObjects you wish to use in Power BI and confirm your selection by clicking ‘Load.’

General Information

  • Data Loading Time: Importing data into Power BI may take some time, depending on the number of fields and records within a Data Object.
  • Future Integration: The DataEngine Connector will soon be officially integrated into Power BI. Until then, follow the installation steps above.
  • Additional Setup Information: For more details on setting up the Client ID and Client Secret, refer to our Help Center.

For any further assistance, reach out to our support team or refer to our Help Center resources.

Remember, your data holds the power – now visualize it seamlessly with Marini DataEngine and Power BI!

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