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HubEngine: Manage relations

To manage the relations of a plan, open the corresponding plan and click on the tab Relations. You now have several options.

  • download relations
  • upload relations
  • search IDs
  • share relations
  • delete relations

Relations refers to the saved ID pairs from the synchronised endpoints.

Under the tab "Relations" you can manage the relations of the selected plan. Search for, download, upload, share or delete relations.
Download relations

You can download the relations (ID pairs) as a csv file at any time.

Upload relations

You can also upload relations in a csv file. You have the option of ignoring the first line during import if it specifies the columns. You can also specify whether the columns should be swapped. The columns of the IDs in the csv file correspond to the connected systems. In this example, the left column belongs to SAP and the right column to HubSpot. If your csv file is swapped, simply select the option Switch Columns.

The HubEngine Wizard allows you to import relations.

Relations that you upload are added. If the relation already exists, it is ignored and not duplicated. However, before you upload relations, we strongly recommend that you download the relations beforehand as a precaution in case you make a mistake the import.

Delete relations

You can also delete the entire relations. Before doing so, however, we strongly recommend that you download the relations first to have a backup.

Share relations

You can also share relations across plans – but only within the same group. This means that two or more plans use the same relations.

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