Custom Connectors

To integrate two systems via Marini, you’ll need a corresponding HubEngine adapter for each system. These adapters provide access to the API or multiple API endpoints of the respective systems. In a HubEngine plan, also referred to as Standard Connectors, two adapters are always included.

Check for Existing Adapters

For a variety of systems, we’ve already developed adapters that you can activate with just a few clicks through the Marini HubEngine. You can check if an adapter is available for your system via the Standard Connectors or Plan Selection.

Develop a New Adapter

If there’s no adapter available for the system you want to connect, that’s not a problem. Additional adapters can be developed quickly and easily. You have the following options for this:

1. Propose a System

If you want to report a system that you currently don’t urgently need, you can let us know. We will carefully review your report, get in touch with you, and, if it’s suitable, include the system in our roadmap.

2. Commission Development

You can commission the development of an adapter at Marini. Thanks to a mature development framework and a highly specialized development team for adapter development, this process is expedited.

There’s the possibility to develop adapters for various use cases, whether it’s for integrating APIs (including on-premises), direct connections to databases, or parsing file formats like CSV, XML, or JSON. Before development begins, a comprehensive feasibility check is carried out.

3. In-house Development

You also have the option to realize adapter development using your own resources. In this case, we provide a specialized development framework upon request. To ensure quality and compatibility, every self-developed adapter is checked by us before adoption.

This option is exclusively available to qualified customers or qualified partners. If you’re interested or need more information, feel free to open a Support Ticket.

Note: Release Options for Custom Adapters

Developed adapters can be either added to the global list or operated exclusively privately in your account or your partner’s account.

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