Developer Tools

In DataEngine, various developer tools are available to empower you to tailor your data management solution to meet your precise requirements. These tools are designed to optimize your DataEngine, enhancing its performance and functionality. In the following sections, we’ll take a closer look at these developer tools and provide detailed insights on how to make the most of them.

Module Builder

The Module Builder is a specialized tool that simplifies the process of creating new modules within DataEngine. You can easily design and define custom modules to efficiently manage specific types of data. Whether you need a module for tracking projects, events, or other types of information, the Module Builder equips you with the flexibility to create, modify, and manage these modules according to your preferences.


Studio allows you to continue customizing modules, whether created by Marini or custom modules, after deployment using the Module Builder. It enables you to edit modules, fields, and relationships within your DataEngine instance. With Studio, you can effortlessly tailor your DataEngine to meet your organization’s specific requirements, whether it’s about customizing fields or adjusting the form layout. Studio serves as your gateway to a highly tailored data management solution.

Workflow Manager

The Workflow Manager is an integral part of DataEngine, providing a means to automate your business processes. With the Workflow Manager, you can design and implement workflows that define how data should be processed, from simple actions to complex processes. These workflows streamline your data management and ensure that tasks are executed automatically, saving time and effort.

Rename Modules

The “Rename Modules” feature allows you to adjust the names of existing modules in DataEngine. This feature can be particularly useful when you want to align the terminology in your data management system with the specific nomenclature of your organization. Whether it’s about adapting module names to the terms used by specific departments or other naming conventions, “Rename Modules” provides you with the flexibility to make these adjustments seamlessly.

Dropdown Editor

The Dropdown Editor offers you control over the options in all dropdown fields, including system-wide selection fields. While this tool provides significant flexibility for customizing dropdown options, it’s important to exercise caution. Ensure that your changes align with your data management requirements and be mindful of potential impacts on data consistency.

Global Counter Manager

The Global Counter Manager is the central hub for all global counters used in workflows. You’ll only need to access this view when you need to set a counter to a specific value, either for correction or initial population. By accessing the Global Counter Manager, you gain insight into these counters and can efficiently manage and control them when necessary.

These developer tools within DataEngine empower you to unlock the full potential of your data management capabilities. By effectively utilizing Studio, Module Builder, Workflow Manager, Rename Modules, Dropdown Editor, and Global Counter Manager, you can create a data management solution perfectly tailored to your organization’s unique requirements.

For comprehensive guides and detailed information on each of these tools, we recommend consulting the DataEngine documentation. This documentation offers step-by-step instructions and insights to help you make the most of these developer tools and optimize your data management experience.

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