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HubEngine: Delete plans

You can revocably delete plans that you no longer need by archiving them. Navigate to the plan overview of the group in which you want to delete the plan. To archive a plan, click on the Archive button at the top right of the plan bar.

No active plans can be archived! Only inactive and incomplete plans can be archived. Archived plans are not deleted in this sense. You can restore them at any time by simply clicking on them. It is therefore impossible for someone to delete a plan irrevocably by mistake.

The history of the archived plans can also be viewed at any time.

You can conveniently filter by your active plans.
You can filter for incomplete plans.
You can restore archived plans with a click.
The "all plans" filter is activated by default. However, it does not include archived plans.
You can filter the plan overview of a group by active, inactive, incomplete and archived plans.

Using the drop-down menu you can filter your plans by


Under the filter “all plans”, all but the archived ones appear.

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