HubEngine: Actions

Using Actions you can write values into selected fields during a synchronization, also conditionally.

To set actions in your plan, navigate to the Connection tab. For a bidirectional plan, select the appropriate synchronization direction. You will see the mapped fields and directly below is the configuration area for the actions. In the image below, the processed field is set to 0 for each synchronization.

HubEngine Actions Set
Under the respective synchronization direction (tabs"connection") you can configure the mapping, actions and conditions as well as some advanced options. Here an action is defined: set field processed to the value 0 for every single synchronization.

If you now click on Edit above the field mapping, you can edit all options (field mappings, actions, conditions).

With the button Add Action you can add an action. Under Action Field you select the field you want to write in. Under Value you write the value you want to write.

In our example above we would select the field processed and write a 0 in the Value.

HubEngine Actions Edit
You can set versatile actions for each synchronization. Here the field processed is set to the value 0.

You can also set conditional actions. How to set the conditions and what the different options mean is explained in this short documentation.

HubEngine Actions Conditions
Besides setting actions for every single synchronized record, you can conditionally set actions. Here the field processed is only set to the value 0 if the field deleted is equal to 0.

So you have the possibility to set values during the synchronization of your systems and endpoints to control your processes in your target systems.

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