HubEngine: Shared Relationen

The HubEngine offers you the possibility to share relations between plans. This means that plans use the same relation store. You can manage relations in a plan under the “Relations” tab.

You can share relations between plans only within the same group!

HubEngine Relation Management
Under the tab "Relations" you can manage the relations of the selected plan. Search for, download, upload, share or delete relations.

The right column shows the function for managing relations. If you want to enable sharing of relations for a plan, first click on the “Share Relations” button. Then you need to confirm this with your set up 2-factor authentication.

HubEngine: Share Relations Auth
If you want to activate the sharing of relations for a plan, you need to confirm this via 2FA.

After that you can select the relation store of this plan from another plan to share the relations! That means, in the first step you select which plan should serve as basis for sharing the relations. In the second step, you go to another plan and select the relation store of the plan that you activated in the first step.

When do I use shared relations?

Shared relations are useful if you

  1. want to map different fields for Create and Update
  2. want to configure different conditions for Create and Update
  3. want to define different actions for Create and Update

We synchronize contacts between SAP and HubSpot – with one plan each for Create and Update. In the Create plan, we have enabled the sharing of relations. As a result, the following options ( screenshot below) appear in the Update plan. In both plans, the SAP system is primary (the left system) and HubSpot is secondary (the right system). Therefore, the primary direction SAP(id) – HubSpot(id) is set up as default. We now need to match the directions if we want to share the relations with the Create plan.

HubEngine: Share Relations (1/2)
The default of the relations is primary direction. Because we activated the share relations function of the plan "create contacts: SAP - HubSpot" it is available here.

Therefore, we select the primary direction again here, since in both plans SAP is primary (left) and HubSpot is secondary (right). Remember: The options for the plan Create Contacts: SAP – HubSpot only appear because we previously enabled sharing in this plan!

HubEngine - Share Relations 2
Select a different relation store than the one of the current plan you are editing. You need to specify the correct direction so that primary and secondary direction match of the plans you share the relations between.


We distinguish in two plans: Create and Update. One plan creates only new records, the other one updates only records. This can be useful, for example, if the creation or update of a record should trigger a different process each.

  • Create: A sales person is notified
  • Update: A score is increased

The configuration of the plans could look like this:

Plan Create:

  • Action: Set checkbox for field “notify_sales”

Plan Upate:

  • Condition: Synchronize only if field “mail_opened” is true
  • Action: Set checkbox for field “increase_score”

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