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HubEngine: Test and Fetch fields

To test the connection of the adapters of your plan, the function Test and Fetch fields is available in the HubEngine within a plan in the tab “Systems”.

There you can click on the Test and Fetch fields button in the upper right corner which triggers the execution of three operations.

  • Initialization is tested: Can the adapter be initialized correctly. This is almost always the case. If an error occurs here, you can check the status of the HubEngine at Try again at a later time. If the error still occurs, please contact our support.
  • Connection and authorization of the accesses to the systems are checked: It is tested whether a successful connection to the specified system can be established.  If an error occurs here, the entered credentials, URL or other necessary information (host, module) are usually incorrect. Please check these first.
  • Fields are fetched from the modules: The fields from the specified modules are fetched and stored in the HubEngine. These are then available in the configuration or modification of the synchronization connection. If an error occurs here, check the entered modules.
In the "Systems" tab you can test the connection and fetch the fields of the specified endpoints (modules).

As a general rule, as soon as errors occur, they can be viewed in the error log under the results. So you have first clues what caused the error. Please also check the correctness of your data such as defined credentials, URLs and modules.

If you cannot fix the error, please contact our support.

After you execute "test and fetch fields" you can see whether the operations were executed successfully.

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