HubEngine: Live View

Die Live Ansicht eines HubEngine

The live view of a HubEngine plan shows you current and past plan executions.

  • Fetched Records: How many records are processed in the execution? (Records that were excluded by conditions are also included here. All records that have changed in the source system since the last synchronization are listed).
  • Processed Records: How many records are already processed in the current execution.
  • Unprocessed Records: How many records are not yet processed in the current execution.

After the complete plan execution, the number of Fetched Records and Processed Records does not have to be the same. This is only the case if no conditions are set.

Unprocessed Records do not necessarily have to be zero after a plan execution. If errors occur in the transfer, then the number can also be > 0. The unprocessed record(s) will then usually be considered again in the next execution. If the number of unprocessed records is not equal to zero after several plan executions, you can deactivate the plan and reactivate it with debug mode enabled. There you will see relevant information why records are not processed.

HubEngine Plan Configuration: Live-View
HubEngine Plan Configuration: Live-View

The last plan execution is always pinned at the top, unless a current execution is currently taking place. The history is displayed below.

If an execution is currently taking place, you can view the synchronization live. The bar chart and the number of Processed and Unprocessed records updates dynamically, in real time.

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