Detail View

The Detail View in DataEngine is a crucial user interface that allows users to view and manage detailed information about individual records. In this article, we will delve deep into various aspects of the Detail View, including Panels, Tabs, SubPanels, and their applications.

Panels and Tabs: Organizing the Display


Panels are an integral part of the Detail View and serve to organize information into different sections on the same page. Each panel can display specific data and fields of a record. This organization allows users to quickly grasp and organize information. For example, one panel could display a customer’s basic contact details, while another panel could show the sales history of that customer. Panels are helpful for maintaining a clean user interface and facilitating navigation.


Tabs, on the other hand, are a way to distribute information across multiple tabs. This can be useful when certain information doesn’t need to be frequently viewed or when there are many details about a record. Each tab can represent specific information or subtopics. For instance, one tab could display the general information of a contact, while another tab contains the communication history. Tabs offer a structured way to organize data and keep the Detail View organized.

SubPanels: Displaying 1:n Relationships

SubPanels are a vital part of the Detail View and are used to represent 1:n relationships between records. Each SubPanel displays a ListView of the links between the current record and other records. For example, when viewing a contact record, SubPanels can display related tasks or notes. SubPanels provide a convenient way to visualize relationships between records and access them.

Creating or Selecting New Records

A notable feature of SubPanels is the ability to create new records directly from the Detail View or select existing records related to it. This allows users to effortlessly establish relationships between records without having to switch between different views. For instance, if there’s a SubPanel for emails, users can create new emails or select existing emails associated with the current contact.
The Detail View in DataEngine offers a powerful way to view and manage detailed information about records. With Panels, Tabs, and SubPanels, users can efficiently organize data and easily track and manage relationships between records, contributing to increased productivity and better data management.

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