Generating New Client Credentials

To enable API access and generate a new set of Client Credentials for a specific user, follow these steps within your DataEngine Instance’s Admin Area:

  1. Access Admin Area: Log in to your DataEngine Instance and navigate to the Admin Area.
  2. Select “Oauth2 Clients and Tokens”: Within the Admin Area, locate and click on “Oauth2 Clients and Tokens.”
  3. Create New Client Credential Client:
    • On the left panel, find and click on “New Client Credential Client.”
  4. Complete the Form for New Credentials:
    • Client Name: Choose a name for the Client (e.g., descriptive of its purpose).
    • Client Secret: Generate a secure secret using a reliable password generator. Remember, this secret won’t be visible after creation, so store it securely.
    • Select DataEngine User: Assign the DataEngine user that this client will provide access to.
  5. Save and Note the Client ID: After entering the required information, confirm by clicking “Save.” The system will generate a unique Client ID for this new set of credentials. Note this Client ID as it will be required for API access.
  6. Securely Store the Secret: Remember, the generated secret will not be displayed again. Ensure to keep it in a secure location for future reference.

By following these steps, you’ll create a new set of Client Credentials associated with a specific user, enabling access to the required functionalities via API.

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