Welcome to the Marini Help Center!

Welcome to the Marini Integration Platform (abbreviated as MARINI) – your reliable partner for powerful and flexible data management, as well as the creation of seamless integrated applications. Here in the Help Center, you will find a comprehensive collection of resources to unleash the full potential of the platform.

About the Marini Integration Platform

MARINI stands out for its flexibility and configurability. You can adapt and expand it to your specific requirements at any time. The best part? You don’t need any programming knowledge. Our user-friendly no-coding interface allows you to access all functions and bring your projects to life.

HubEngine: High-Performance and Flexible Data Integration

The HubEngine is the no-coding component that represents high-performance and flexible data integration. With it, you can effortlessly connect various systems and seamlessly exchange data.

The HubEngine offers a wide range of pre-built system integrations, including CRM, ERP, and lead management systems. You can activate integration plans that perfectly fit your project – all through the HubEngine’s user interface.

DataEngine: No-Coding Modeling of Data Objects

The DataEngine enables no-coding modeling of data objects, especially relational databases, along with seamless data storage and processing.

The DataEngine gives you the ability to easily manage, transform, and optimize data. Using the no-coding interface of the DataEngine, you can effortlessly create, link, and edit data objects. Additionally, you can model user interfaces, set up workflows and transformers, and create reports and dashboards. Combining the DataEngine with the HubEngine also makes complex ETL integrations or the modeling of your own applications a breeze.

Quickstarts and More

In our Help Center, you will find not only comprehensive handbooks but also quickstart guides and many other useful resources to help you effectively utilize the Marini Integration Platform.

Are you ready to deepen your knowledge and take your integration projects to the next level? Then browse through our resources and get started! If you have any questions, we are always here to assist you.

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