The Marini Integration Platform (short: MARINI) offers powerful and flexible components for integrated data management as well as for the creation of integrated applications.

MARINI can be configured and extended flexibly at any time. Access to all functions is provided without programming knowledge via a user-friendly no-coding user interface. The powerful and flexible HubEngine and DataEngine components enable integrated data management and the creation of custom integrated applications.


HubEngine is the no-coding component for high-performance and flexible data integration.

A large selection of ready-made system connections is available via the HubEngine. For example, CRM, ERP or lead management systems can be easily integrated via the HubEngine user interface. To do this, simply activate the integration plans you need for your project at any time.


DataEngine enables no-coding modeling of data objects (relational databases) and data storage as well as processing.

With the powerful DataEngine, you can easily manage, transform and prepare your data to realize the full potential of your data. Data objects can be easily and flexibly created, linked and edited via DataEngine’s no-coding user interface. User interfaces can be modeled, workflows and transformers can be set up, and reports and dashboards can be created. The combination of DataEngine with HubEngine also enables sophisticated ETL integrations or the modeling of custom applications.

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