Email Configuration

Default Settings

If no specific email settings are configured, the system will use the InxMail service as a fallback. This means that emails for “Forgot Password” and “New User Account Created” will be automatically sent via InxMail.

Custom Email Settings

To use custom email notifications, it is necessary to set up your own email account (SMTP). This account will then be used for all email communications, including “Forgot Password” and “New User Account Created” emails.

Steps to Configure

  1. Navigate to Email Settings: Go to the admin interface and select Admin -> Email Settings.
  2. Set up the SMTP Server:
    • Enter the SMTP server name (e.g.,
    • Enter the appropriate port for the SMTP server (usually 587 for TLS or 465 for SSL).
    • Enter the username and password for the email account.
    • Select the authentication method (TLS or SSL).
  3. Save the Settings: Click “Save” to apply the SMTP server settings.

Edit Email Templates

Under Admin -> Email Templates, you have the option to customize the system-generated emails. Here, you can edit the content and layout of the emails to suit your requirements.

Steps to Edit Email Templates:

  1. Navigate to Email Templates: Go to the admin interface and select Admin -> Email Templates.
  2. Select Template: Choose the email template you want to edit (e.g., “Forgot Password” or “New User Account Created”).
  3. Edit Template: Modify the subject and content of the email. Use placeholders for dynamic content (e.g., $contact_user_user_name for the username).
  4. Save Changes: Click “Save” to apply the changes.


  • Ensure that your SMTP server settings are correct to guarantee proper email delivery.
  • Test the email configuration by sending a test email to your own email address.

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