System Einstellungen

System Settings

The User Interface settings in the System Settings section provide you with the ability to customize the appearance and user interface of the DataEngine. You can, for instance, tailor the logo and the name of your DataEngine to match your company’s identity. Additionally, you can define the number of displayed items per page to enhance user-friendliness. The Inline Editing option allows you to edit records directly within the view, thereby increasing data entry efficiency.

Languages and Locale

The DataEngine offers various language and locale settings. You can translate the user interface and data output into your desired language, as well as adjust date and currency formats to meet country-specific requirements. This is especially useful when operating internationally or collaborating with global teams.

Search Settings

Search Settings allow you to specify which modules within the DataEngine to search for information. This function facilitates targeted and efficient data searches, enhancing navigation and access to relevant information.


Schedulers play a crucial role in the DataEngine, as they enable the automatic execution of tasks and processes. You can set schedules for routine tasks, such as generating reports, synchronizing data, or performing data backups. Schedulers contribute to the efficiency and automation of your workflows.

For further details and guidance on configuring the System Settings in the DataEngine, we recommend consulting SuiteCRM’s documentation. It offers comprehensive instructions and detailed information about each setting.

The System Settings in the DataEngine allow for a customized configuration to meet your individual needs. Utilize these options to maximize the performance and efficiency of your DataEngine.

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