Data Orchestration

The Marini Integration Platform allows you to realize multi system integrations. You can control and route data and processes across more than two systems. There are no limits to the possibilities or the number of systems. The number of systems across which data and processes are modeled is unlimited.

Processes across systems

Of course, you can also control processes across any number of systems. For example, triggers that you define in system C can trigger actions so that data is transferred to system B. There, you can also define whether the data should be transferred directly or on a scheduled basis. Your requirements for orchestrating and routing across multiple systems can range in complexity from low to high – the Marini Integration Platform serves all your needs. There are no limits to the number of systems a process can be modeled across.

Technical implementation

For the technical implementation, you simply need to set up one or more HubEngine plans between the systems. The challenge is rather to define clear end-to-end processes. For example, to ensure that the processes run smoothly from the source system to the end system, proper triggers must be set in all systems. We recommend modeling the processes across the systems with all triggers and conditions in a notation language, such as BPMN, in advance.

Marini-Systems - Integration - 3 Systems bidirectional
Technologies / Integration Workflows
3 Systems bidirectional

Routing across systems

With the HubEngine you can also route data across multiple systems. All you have to do is set up multiple plans between the systems. Here we route from system A from one module to two modules in system B. These are then further routed to system C and D.

Technical implementation

Depending on your process, you set up the necessary plans between the systems. The schedules may or may not be mutually exclusive when synchronizing a data set. It depends on your routing logic. Just set the appropriate conditions and triggers in the plans. You can read how to do that here:

How you connect your systems depends on your business processes and goals. However, the Marini Integration Platform grants you the freedom to synchronize your systems as you wish. We could also synchronize from system C and D back into one (system E) and merge them there – depending on your requirements.

Technologies / Integration Workflows
3 Systems bidirectional with routing


The Marini Integration Platform allows any number of systems to be linked together and in sequence. If transformations are needed, the DataEngine can also be used as an ETL layer. How this works you can read here:


For more resources on multi-system integration with the HubEngine, click here:

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