Customer Data Platform

Focus on the customer with centralized data

The Marini Integration Platform can be used as a true CDP by seamlessly integrating all your customer data there in a centralized way. In the CDP, you have a holistic view of your customer data and you can optimally align your processes with your customers – for maximum customer centricity and sustainable growth.

Leverage a true CDP with a centralized data view, centralized process control, and flexible real-time reports

All data from marketing and sales can be integrated effortlessly in real time and processes can be controlled centrally. In the Marini CDP you can freely model your modules, views and processes. Application examples:

Strengthen your customer relationships with centralized data management and seamless data integration in your CDP

Contact Data

Place the customer in the center and manage your contacts professionally.
Manage your contact data centrally: validate, standardize, transform, link, enrich and route. Contact data often exists as duplicates in different systems – and this leads to ineffective marketing and sales activities. In a CDP, you resolve duplicates (Golden Contact) and create a clean, complete and holistic data view of your contacts. This way, you are well informed about each customer and you can optimally plan your activities – for higher customer satisfaction. You can then synchronize the contact data back into your source systems to benefit from an optimal database there as well.

Account Data

Segment companies, set strategic goals and increase success.
Manage your account data in a centralized way: you can also validate, standardize, transform, link, enrich and route it. With the Golden Account you solve duplicates and create a clean, complete and holistic data view of your accounts. The CDP also offers you the possibility to validate and enrich your accounts with external data services via the Marini Data Marketplace. Furthermore, you can lay the foundation for account-based marketing (ABM) to implement more effective marketing and sales strategies in your source systems – thanks to seamless and consistent enterprise data integration.

Transaction Data

All information is available centrally and at any time.
In addition to the master data of contacts and accounts, both also generate a high volume of transaction data. This is data from marketing (e.g., impressions, clicks, campaigns, webinars), from sales (e.g., leads, opportunities, activities), from ERP (e.g., contracts, invoices), or from service (e.g., tickets, inquiries). This data provides a rich basis to implement an optimal interaction strategy with contacts and accounts – for all departments in your company. Using rules or even artificial intelligence, automations can be set up to make your processes even more effective and smooth.

Centralize all data for a clean, structured, and unified view of your customers - so you can derive optimal data-driven decisions

The CDP combines all your data. The two main entities are the contact and the account. You can combine the master data of the entities from different systems and consolidate them into a golden record. In addition, you can integrate all related transaction data (e.g. tracking data from marketing automation) into your CDP and associate them with the entities. This way, you have all your customer data gathered and interconnected in one centralized place – and you get a 360 degree view (Customer 360). You won’t get a more consistent view of your customer data anywhere else! Gathering (data integration) and interlinking and transforming (data management) enables you to focus your processes on your customers – for more customer satisfaction and growth.

Marini Systems - Integration - EDP - Multi Golden Record
Technologies / Centralised Platform
EDP - Multi Golden Record

We happily rely on Marini Systems for the digital marketing of our dairy products

“The high-performance and secure Enterprise Data Integration Platform from Marini Systems can also be adapted and expanded in the future. With the Marini Systems team, we have a strong partner for digitization.”

Matthias Glauser, Head of digital Marketing, Swissmilk

Leverage your customers' potential with a CDP and increase their customer lifetime value with automated processes and forecasts


Seamless and fast integration with all relevant systems
The CDP is built on the Marini Enterprise Data Integration Platform. Through the platform, you can unite your marketing automation campaigns, webinar offers, performance marketing campaigns and ERP processes with your sales processes in real time and without media breaks. Many standard integrations can be set up with just a few clicks and custom connections can also be developed (cloud, on-premises, bi-directional, all endpoints and real-time).


Optimize your sales performance – smart and automated
Using the unlimited workflows, which run in real time or time-controlled and are set up via an intuitive user interface, your sales processes can be automated in a rule-based and data-driven manner. Integrations even allow you to do this across systems. So you never miss a sales opportunity, can respond immediately and automate recurring tasks, freeing up more time for your customers and significantly increasing your sales productivity.


Analyze information in real time and make data-driven decisions
To better measure success and strategically manage sales, flexible and meaningful reports are critical. The reports in the Customer Data Platform allow you to access all data in real time, evaluate and visualize it directly. Via the dashboards, users can clearly view the relevant and daily updated data. This means that your sales team is always up to date, can create professional forecasts and make the right decisions.

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Exceed the limits of your infrastructure and use the possibilities of the CDP powered by Marini Systems for your growth

The CDP brings out the potential of your customer data. In the CDP, you collect your customer data from all your systems for a seamless and consistent database. You have all the possibilities to use the data: transform, visualize, evaluate, analyze, segment, route and orchestrate.

  • Customer 360
    The CDP gives you a holistic view of your customer data – centrally available and visible. In marketing and sales, this is called Customer 360, which you achieve by associating your master data with your transaction data – all thanks to seamless data integration.
  • Golden Records
    In the CDP you create your golden records with the main entities Contacts and Accounts. In this way, you avoid cost-intensive duplicates and make your processes even more effective.
  • Process automation
    Take advantage of consolidating your data in the CDP and model your processes around your centralized data between your integrated systems. You are no longer limited to the boundaries of the individual systems what concerns your processes.
  • Data Analytics
    Unlock the potential of your customers in the CDP with data analytics and machine learning. Integrate services to create predictions and forecasts and use them for your processes. This way, you directly increase the customer lifetime value of your customers.
  • Reports and analysis
    In the CDP, you also have the user interface to create comprehensive reports, evaluations and visualizations. So you understand your customers even better and you can optimally align your activities with the needs of your customers.

No-Coding and Zero Downtime Deployment

For all those who want to go beyond professional standards: Using the no-coding user interface, even demanding requirements can be implemented more quickly and systems can be modified during operation. This shortens the runtimes of IT projects, which also significantly reduces costs.

Unleash the potential of your data and integrate it from all systems without limits into your CDP for a centralized data view


Offer your team a customized and more flexible solution.
All modules can also be adapted and extended during operation via an intuitive user interface. You can set up additional input and selection fields, relations, labels and rules and adapt existing ones. Furthermore, all users can create and customize their own lists, filters and dashboards at any time. It couldn’t be easier.


Model new modules (custom objects) faster and easier.
In the CDP, new modules can also be created quickly and easily via the no-coding UI. For example, you can create separate modules for all your transaction data such as inquiries, webinars, tracking or contracts that are integrated from your systems. All modifications can be applied directly and quickly (zero downtime).

Data quality

Complete and up-to-date data is critical to sales success.
In your CDP, you can use flexible workflows to keep your data up to date, transform it based on rules, and ensure data quality. In addition, external data sources and update services are available via the Data Marketplace. This enables you to meet even the most demanding requirements in the areas of MDM, KYC, AML and ESG.

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The Marini CDP is high-performing, scalable, secure and privacy compliant.

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FAQs about the Marini CDP

The Marini Customer Data Platform is an application that is uncompromisingly geared to sales requirements and is operated exclusively in Germany based on a scalable, high-performing, secure and data-protection-compliant infrastructure.

The standard modules make it possible to get started quickly, yet the CDP can be fully customized and expanded without limits. Seamless integration into all other systems, services and platforms used makes it possible to implement all requirements for professional digitization.

Thanks to the consistent no-code approach, all adjustments and extensions can be implemented via an intuitive user interface and imported directly (zero downtime deployment). This means you don’t have to worry about tough IT projects due to customizations and extensions. Use the time gained through the CDP more wisely by investing it in your customers and ultimately in the success of your company.

Yes, our teams provide support in all areas. In addition to consulting, integration of other systems, project monitoring and support, we also offer targeted training on how to best use the CDP.

The Marini CDP is directly available. Modeling your individual integrations, modules and processes takes some time. It is hard to estimate exactly how long this will take, as it depends on your requirements and on the volume. In general, we quickly implement small projects one after the other to avoid lengthy complex IT projects. In addition, we rely a lot on standards, which cuts down the setup time. Our sales department will be happy to give you an estimate of the duration. We implement a minimal solution together with you as quickly as possible and then extend it step by step.

Shortly after the booking, the server will be instantiated and the login data will be sent to you. This happens within a few hours. The CDP is then immediately ready for use. All standard modules can be used immediately. So you can start easily and straight away with the pre-configured modules. Modifications and further extensions can be implemented while the system is running.

Get to know the standard modules in an online demo and learn how you can modify the CDP according to your requirements during operation.

There are hardly any limits due to the focus on integration.

Tracking data from Google Ads or Facebook Ads, for example, is often integrated into the CDP. The development of marketing automation campaigns (also known as nurturing campaigns) or the history of webinar participations are also frequently available for sales via additional modules in the CDP.

ERP data (e.g., contracts and invoices), service data (e.g., support tickets and damage reports) and external data (e.g., MDM, ESG and AML) can also be imported.

The advantages are obvious: if you see the details on the history of the interests chronologically and neatly processed in the CDP, the conversations and offers can be better aligned with this. As a result, the offers are better suited to the respective interest and the probability of closing a deal increases significantly.

The price of your integration solution depends on several factors. On the one hand, it depends on the components booked, and on the use of the platform. We transparently price the use of the platform. You only pay as much as you use (i.e. synchronize or store). You can get a quote for your integration from our sales department. Just ask for it. However, please keep in mind that without the exact specific technical requirements, no quote can be provided. Then our sales department can only give you a non-binding estimate based on our experience.

Just contact our sales team. You can access the form here. Our sales team will clarify the exact requirements with you, answer all important technical questions and advise you on which Professional Service is most suitable for you. For example, a planning project would make sense if you are not yet able to define the exact requirements. If you want to be consulted holistically over a longer period of time, a consulting contract seems to make the most sense. However, individual implementation projects are also possible.

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