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Enterprise Data Integration for Media and Publishers

Digital media in particular are a real revenue driver in the media industry. They are available at all times and can be accessed via numerous channels. For this reason, personalized and individualized content together with automated processes based on the relevant information from a wide range of systems are crucial to success. In addition, it is also important to provide B2B sales with all the necessary data centrally.

Integrating all marketing and sales systems in the media and publishing industry

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Connecting systems

Rely on a high-performance integration platform
In the media and publishing sector, large volumes of prospects and customers are managed. The integration solution must be able to synchronize these data volumes with high performance. Thus, an integrated data platform combines not only the systems for CRM and marketing, but also with other types such as product information management (PIM) solutions. This calls for an integration solution that is both flexible and performant.

Control complexity

Facing complexity with automation
Since companies in the media and publishing sector have customers from both the B2B and B2C sectors, this poses special challenges for data integration. Here, the automation capabilities of the Marini Integration Platform play a key role in tailoring and automating communication processes with end customers. This enables media companies and publishers to smartly automate their marketing and sales processes.

Manage assets

Manage and integrate your assets with one platform
Media and publishing companies usually have a lot of assets they want to sell (e.g. books, movies, series, audiobooks, etc.). They need to manage who has already bought/booked which assets and to whom they can offer which ones with a high probability of success. This poses particular challenges for integration from both a complexity and performance perspective. As long as your systems are integrated with each other, you can merge and link the relevant data and information. This forms the basis for optimal recommendations to your customers. Assets can be kept up-to-date in a decentralized platform by synchronizing them with the PIM and simultaneously linking them with contacts from the CRM. Recommendation rules can be stored in the platform, which are then imported into the marketing automation application.

Segment customers

Maximum personalization due to complete data
Since customer relationships in the media and publishing sector are predominantly anonymous, the little data that can be collected must be used optimally and made available to all areas involved. Thus, the initial situation of many publishers is that they usually do not even know the consumers of their products. Although there is no bidirectional communication with the users, our customers from this sector nevertheless face the challenge of having to communicate with them in the most targeted way possible. However, when there are hundreds of thousands of potential recipients for the broad spectrum of media products, it is no trivial task to use a mailing campaign, for example, to communicate the new book series to the most promising customer segment. Integrated and networked systems can automate these processes using a centralized or decentralized enterprise data platform.

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For sophisticated marketing automation processes we successfully use Marini Integration Platform

“With the solutions and especially with the partnering team at Marini Systems, we have been able to model hyper-personalized marketing automation campaigns across systems. Personalized book recommendations are sent to our prospects from over 35,000 articles via the integration platform. In the process, new data is fed into the DataEngine in real time, where it is analyzed and orchestrated directly via the Recommendation Engine. This has enabled us to noticeably improve the relevance of our mailings and significantly increase the likelihood of a purchase.”

Benjamin Friedrich – Head of Digital Audience Marketing, Penguin Random House Verlagsgruppe GmbH

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