Facebook Integration

Integrate all Facebook endpoints unlimited and faster

Your data is available everywhere: Integrate all leads from Facebook Lead Ads into your system landscape and automate processes across system boundaries. This allows you to place the customer at the center and optimize your data and processes – without the limitations of your individual systems.

Integrate all Facebook endpoints without effort and more successfully

Cloud, hybrid, on-premises, all endpoints, fast, scalable and secure

Technical details

Selected features for powerful Facebook integrations

  • All endpoints
    All endpoints of Facebook are fully integrated and automatically recognized.
  • Uni- and bidirectional
    Synchronization can be configured unidirectional or bidirectional for your system.
  • Flexible synchronization
    Create records in one synchronization direction and only update them in the opposite direction – no problem.
  • Conditions & Actions
    Data can also be synchronized only according to certain conditions from Facebook.
  • Systems evolve continuously
    New fields are read out, recognized and can be directly integrated into the synchronization via dialog.
  • Hosting independence
    Link Facebook with your others systems, whether they are hosted in the cloud, hybrid or on-premises.
  • Custom development
    Model your individual Facebook integration via the intuitive user interface.

Full feature list

Details of the full feature list can be found under the HubEngine and DataEngine components. Information about the integration technologies, the bookable data packages and the Professional Services are documented under the Platform.

Break your data silos, connect your teams and increase your success

Selected cases of Facebook integrations in use

Leads from Facebook available in real time in your SAP Sales Cloud

Using the Marini Integration Platform, you can synchronize leads in real time from Facebook to your SAP Sales Cloud. This allows your sales force to process the request directly in the CRM system. Studies in lead response management have shown that responding within the first 5 minutes of receiving a lead is 21x more effective than responding within 30 minutes.

Increase your sales success by integrating Facebook Lead Ads with your Sales Cloud and feeding real-time data into your CRM system.

Leads are synched from Facebook Lead Ads to the leads module in the SAP Sales Cloud.

Lead routing from Facebook into SAP and Salesforce for faster response times and higher sales success

The Marini Integration Platform also allows you to route data based on conditions. So you can route your leads from Facebook to different CRM systems. In this example, we are routing the leads to either an SAP Sales Cloud (formerly C4C) or a Salesforce Sales Cloud. For example, different subsidiaries or locations may use different CRM systems (often after M&A’s). Campaigning via Facebook can still be centralized and then based on, for example, the region, the request can be routed to the appropriate system.

Speed plays an important role in sales. For example, 50% of purchases go to the vendor who responds first. Generally, the faster your sales force responds to the request, the higher the closing probability on average. Using system integrations like Facebook with your various CRM systems in real time, you can respond directly to increase your sales performance.

Leads can be routed based on conditions to the respective CRM system.

Route leads from Facebook via HubSpot into your Microsoft Dynamics for optimal lead qualification

Route leads from Facebook Lead Ads into your integrated HubSpot system first. There you can trigger mailing campaigns and optimally develop your leads. For example, once a certain score is reached, sync your qualified leads into your CRM system. Using the Marini Integration Platform, you can easily integrate your HubSpot system with your on-premises hosted Microsoft Dynamics instance.

Your sales force will receive only qualified leads and increase their success. In fact, 23% of salespeople say they want better leads from marketing. By smartly integrating your systems, you’ll improve your lead management and increase your sales success in the long term.

Leads are synched to HubSpot. From there they are further transferred to a MS Dynamics instance hosted on-premises.

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