Integrated Sales Cloud

Digitize your processes for more successful sales

Integrated Sales Cloud is your digital sales solution that helps you sell faster and smarter. A study of large and small businesses across all industries found that using a sales cloud leads to an average increase in revenue of 37 %.

Digitization is crucial for the future and success of small and medium-sized enterprises.

“With Marini Systems’ solutions and team, we were able to model and seamlessly integrate all processes, from lead generation to sales flow to ERP. The Marini Systems platform provides us a high-performance and powerful infrastructure for digital sales.”

Frank Kronmüller, Managing Director, R+W Antriebselemente GmbH

Everything you need for a more targeted and smarter sales


Effortlessly nurture the generated and qualified leads from marketing and convert them into sales opportunities.
The field-proven, standardized lead process ensures consistent and fast qualification of leads. You can assign as much information as you want to your leads, create related tasks manually or automatically, assign the right person to work on the lead depending on the categorization, and easily track the history. You’ll be faster, work with complete data, and convert more leads to opportunities.


Manage your sales funnel in a target-oriented way, automate routines and use the time gained for your customers.
All the functions that are available for leads can also be used for your sales opportunities. In addition, you can display your sales stages in a smart sales pipeline, automate steps and work specifically on customer acquisition. The aggregation level of the displayed data is totally customizable. This way, you can significantly increase the closing rate and your revenues.


Place the customer at the center and cultivate your contacts effectively.
Maintaining contact with your existing customers and prospects is one of the most important tasks in sales. In the Integrated Sales Cloud, you can document all relevant information about your contacts, the individual communication process and the development, and access it quickly and easily as needed. This way, you are well informed about every customer.


Segment businesses, set strategic goals and increase success.
Marini Systems’ Sales Cloud gives you all the options you need to strategically focus on companies as well. Work “account based”, identify the most important companies, segment them, assign channel managers with personalized sales and marketing activities and set strategic targets. This way you can use your resources more effectively and avoid wastage.


All information is available anytime and anywhere.
Tasks, appointments, calls and notes can be shared within the team, assigned and controlled via rights. As far as other systems are connected (e.g. marketing, ERP), further data (e.g. tracking, nurturing, contracts, invoices) is also available in the Sales Cloud. This means that you always have information about your leads and contacts at your fingertips, enabling you to react faster and better.

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Set your sights on an integrated sales cloud in which all customer data is centrally consolidated and processes are controlled in real time.

In the integrated Sales Cloud of Marini Systems you can freely design your modules, views and processes. Application examples:

Control your processes across systems, model smarter sales pipelines and make better decisions


Seamless and fast integration with all relevant systems
The Sales Cloud is built on the Marini Enterprise Data Integration Platform. Through the platform, you can unite your marketing automation campaigns, webinars, performance marketing campaigns and ERP processes with your sales processes in real time and without media breaks. Many standard integrations can be set up with just a few clicks and custom connections can also be developed (cloud, on-premises, bi-directional, all endpoints and real-time).


Optimize your sales performance, smart and automated
Using the unlimited workflows, which run in real time or time-controlled and are set up via an intuitive user interface, your sales processes can be automated in a rule-based and data-driven manner. Integrations even allow you to do this across systems. So you never miss a sales opportunity, can respond immediately and automate recurring tasks, freeing up more time for your customers and significantly increasing your sales productivity.


Analyze information in real time and make data-driven decisions
To better measure success and strategically manage sales, flexible and meaningful reports are critical. The reports in the Sales Cloud allow you to access all data in real time, evaluate and visualize it directly. Via the dashboards, users can clearly view the relevant data. No matter, how often your data is updated, the dashboards work in real-time. This means that your sales team is always up to date, can create professional forecasts and make the right decisions.

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No-Coding and Zero Downtime Deployment

For all those who want to go beyond professional standards: Using the no-coding user interface, even demanding requirements can be implemented more quickly and systems can be modified during operation. This shortens the runtimes of IT projects, which also significantly reduces costs.

Model your optimal solution, increase the quality of your data and make better decisions


Offer your team a customized and more flexible solution.
All modules can also be adapted and extended during operation via an intuitive user interface. You can set up additional input and selection fields, relations, labels and rules and adapt existing ones. Furthermore, all users can create and customize their own lists, filters and dashboards at any time. It couldn’t be easier to satisfy everyone’s preferences.


Model new modules (custom objects) faster and easier.
In the Sales Cloud, new modules can also be created quickly and easily via the no-coding UI. For example, you can create separate modules for inquiries, webinars, campaigns, tracking, invoices or contracts and integrate them with other systems (e.g. inbound or ERP). All adjustments can be applied directly and quickly (zero downtime).

Data quality

Complete and up-to-date data is critical to sales success.
In the Sales Cloud, you can use flexible workflows to keep your data up to date, transform it based on rules, and ensure data quality. In addition, external data sources and update services are available via the Data Marketplace. This enables you to meet even the most demanding requirements in the areas of MDM, KYC, AML and ESG.

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Marini Systems' Sales Cloud is high-performing, scalable, secure and privacy compliant.

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