Marini Trust Center

You’ll find important information and links about data protection and data security in our Trust Center. All measures to ensure the smooth, secure and robust operation of your platform have a particularly high priority for us. Please get in contact us if you have any questions or comments.

Data protection

Our platform is fully DSGVO-compliant. The HubEngine does not store any personal data. The DataEngine – as a data layer – does store data. Here, we take special care to ensure that all requirements of the GDPR are met – such as rights management to regulate access to the data.

  • Integration platform completely in Germany
  • DSGVO compliant
  • Annual training


In order to meet all relevant compliance requirements, we have developed detailed Technical Organisational Measures (TOMs) and conclude an Data Processing Agreement (AV Contract) with all our clients. These documents are part of our contracts as standard.

  • TOMs and AV contract
  • Annual audit
  • Individual compliance requirements

Data centres

The entire infrastructure of our platform is operated on German data centres. All data that we should store from you is therefore stored exclusively on German servers and does not leave the German borders. This also means that the strict German and European data protection guidelines are met.

  • ISO 27001 certified
  • Locations exclusively in Germany
  • Encrypted backups


Your data is backed up daily. The period for which we keep your backups depends on the tariff you choose. Your backups are not stored in the same data centre as your data. This way, even if the data centre is physically destroyed (by fire, etc.), we guarantee that all your data can be fully restored.

  • Daily backup
  • Encrypted backups
  • Individual storage periods possible

Incident Response

To ensure the robust and secure operation of your platform, we have developed a detailed Incident Response Plan (IRP) in accordance with international standards. In the event of an incident that critically endangers the operation of the platform, our measures are laid down in writing. These are then strictly followed.

  • Continuous monitoring
  • Structured processes
  • Annual audit

Incident Recovery

In the event of an incident, our Incident Recovery Plan sets out the policies and procedures for recovering our IT systems in the event of a disaster. Our mission is to ensure maximum uptime of information systems,
data integrity and availability, and business continuity.

  • Annual audit
  • Minimal downtime
  • Defined and audited procedures


We continuously monitor our servers so that irregularities are detected and corrected as quickly as possible. You can view the general status of our servers. This way you can exclude the possibility that our systems are down. You can check the status at any time at

  • Continuous monitoring
  • System status can be viewed at any time
  • Fast reaction through early detection

Report Incident

We take every incident – even suspected incidents – very seriously and investigate them thoroughly. Data integrity and availability have the highest priority, as they are the foundation of your business operations. If you suspect an incident, you can easily report it here.  Report incident

  • Incidents are thoroughly investigated
  • In case of suspicion, report the incident without complications
  • CIRT Team


When planning and setting up integrated platforms, you can optionally make use of our consulting service to optimally fulfil your individual compliance and data protection requirements.

  • Special industry knowledge
  • Individual compliance requirements
  • Professional data protection concepts


Our support is always open to answer your questions. We advise you on all questions regarding your platform – whether you have questions about current configurations or processes or would like to expand your platform. Support is only available to existing customers. Send support ticket

  • Support for existing customers
  • Questions about the platform
  • Questions about operation

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