What external data sources are available through the Marini Enterprise Integration Platform?

All external data providers with an API can be connected. For example, D&B is often used in B2B, while Deutsche Post’s microdialog is used in B2C.

Use cases

Using external data services such as Dun & Bradstreet, company data can be enriched in any way. With the DUNS (PID from D&B), the account also receives a PID that can be used across the systems and at the same time still serves as an identifier at D&B. This also enables simple enrichment in other systems directly from D&B. The account data can be validated via D&B (spelling, company form, address, etc.). Furthermore, they can be supplemented with countless data such as financial or risk data. This allows more informed marketing and sales actions to be taken. Depending on the value of a lead in B2B, one could even decide here to reject certain leads if the potential does not seem high enough.

Data quality can also be increased immensely for personal data via external data services. In the B2C area, for example, personal data can be enriched with purchasing power or other socio-demographic data such as consumer behavior. Deutsche Post, for example, offers a catalog of many additional microgeographic data with its microdialog. For example, an insurance company can query data on insurance behavior in the microgeographic area in order to segment leads or existing customers in a targeted manner.

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