Do I need to make a backup of the integrated systems every time I sync data?

We recommend to make backups of the integrated systems before “activating” a HubEngine synchronization plan – as far as possible.

However, we are talking about the initial activation of the synchronization plans, i.e. about the start and not about each individual plan execution as such. This would not be possible at all if the synchronization frequency is high. However, when we activate the synchronization of data via API, it is important to make a backup of the relevant data in both systems before the activation. This way, in case of problems, the original state of the data in the respective systems can be restored.

In general

Backups should always be made before setting up any integration or application – even if test systems were used beforehand. Professionally operated systems usually have a backup strategy that runs automatically. For example, our systems are backed up four times a day (every six hours) in a physically separate data center (incident backups). Further, if necessary, we can also trigger the creation of a separate backup on demand.

If necessary, we can also initially retrieve the data from the linked systems and back it up completely. However, for this we would have to insert a Data Management component (DataEngine).

However, creating backups of the initial data is a simpler and more recommended way.

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