Cobra CRM API Integration

System: cobra CRM
Vendor: cobra GmbH
Available Standard Connectors: Cobra CRM

What is cobra CRM?
cobra CRM is a Customer Relationship Management solution developed by the German company cobra GmbH. It is completely GDPR compliant what makes it a great solution for small and medium sized German and European companies. Cobra CRM can be purchased one-time or offers a subscription-based monthly (or yearly) fee for more flexibility. It is also possible to host cobra CRM on-premises.

Important note: The Cobra CXM Web Connect add-on module is required for Cobra CRM integration.

Cobra CXM WEB CONNECT is a module offered by Cobra CRM that enables API integration. With this module the customer can define via a separate “Cobra User”. The user can be used to define which modules/tables and which fields/variables should be enabled for read/write access with which permissions. This module is offered directly by Cobra CRM and is constantly being further developed.

Once a Cobra CRM API is available through the module, the Marini Integration Platform can connect to it and use all shared modules, fields, data and methods set up through the module and the Cobra CRM user.

The documentation of the module describes in detail the different endpoints and parameters available. There is also a video explaining how the module works.

Cobra CXM WEB CONNECT: The most important features

The “cobra CXM WEB CONNECT” module of Cobra CRM offers a flexible way to integrate Cobra CRM with other IT systems. The main features of this module are:

  • Windows service: the module is designed as a Windows service that runs in the background and enables the integration of Cobra CRM with other IT systems.
  • Variable port: The port on which the module runs can be defined by the user.
  • SSL certificate: The module supports SSL encryption for secure data transmission.
  • Access via “user”: The module is accessed via a separate “cobra user”, which controls the rights management for read/write access to the tables/fields.
  • WEB Connector access data: The access data for the WEB Connector is accessible via an API interface.
  • API key: The API is accessed via an API key. An endpoint token is also provided where username and password are requested.
  • Filters for each endpoint: Filters can be applied to each endpoint (corresponding to a table). The field names are flexible and can also be linked via JOIN queries.

Field Options
The field options as well as further information on the required access data can be found in the respective adapter in the HubEngine. Log in and select the corresponding plan.

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