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Partner Webinar: Success Story IDM South Tyrol

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Partner webinar with IDM South Tyrol

Thomas Federkiel, Managing Director of Federkiel & Partner GmbH, presents together with Norbert Schuster how IDM South Tyrol generates prospects in a legally compliant way, integrates leads from Facebook Ads into Evalanche in an automated way and visualizes the results in Google Data Studio. The trialogue was moderated by Tobias Eickelpasch from SC-Networks.

Solution approaches

  • Integration of all systems involved: Evalanche, Facebook Ads, Google Data Studio
  • Legally compliant lead acquisition via social media
  • Efficient editing, many editors, plenty of content, many emails
  • Optimized registration process via various touchpoints
  • Individual and detailed campaign evaluation with Google Data Studio

The Marini Integration Platform facilitates the legally compliant lead generation for IDM South Tyrol with the simple and flexible connection of the involved systems

IDM South Tyrol is the pioneer for the sustainable economic development of South Tyrol. With targeted tourism marketing, IDM strengthens the South Tyrol brand and conducts agricultural marketing for the quality products of South Tyrol. IDM makes the best possible use of South Tyrol’s enormous potential to develop the region into a desirable, sustainable place to live and visit.


The goal of the described project was the legally compliant acquisition of new customers for tourism in South Tyrol and the quality products from the region. Leads from Facebook Ads were to be automatically transferred to the marketing automation application Evalanche and nurtured there. The generated data was to be transferred to Google Data Studio for visualization of the results. Another goal was to obtain a better overview and evaluation options of the opening rates, click behavior and performance of the newsletter activities across the system.



  • Newsletters to be sent in 12 languages
  • Mixed communication for B2B (communities of interest: accommodation businesses, agribusiness/agriculture, food) and B2C (travel market)
  • Variety of own online presences and various regional sites: Tourism subgroups for regions such as Vinschgau and Dreizinnen
  • Several editors from different departments generate a large amount of content output
  • Digital touchpoints for lead acquisition must be consolidated and structured, including registration processes.

Of the integration

  • Integration of Evalanche (marketing automation) with third-party systems must be possible in a flexible and cost-efficient manner: Integration of Facebook Ads for the acquisition of new customers.
  • Reporting tool Google Data Studio: Reporting data consolidated in Google Data Studio to enable detailed evaluations.
  • New touchpoints: more and more touchpoints are being added and must be able to be integrated quickly and easily.
  • Legal security and DSGVO: The choice therefore fell on the Marini Integration Platform.

Integration implementation

To launch the project, we worked with IDM to document the processes and requirements for the integration. A unidirectional integration plan integrates the leads from Facebook Lead Ads into the marketing automation platform Evalanche. The data is transferred from Evalanche to Google Data Studio via further unidirectional plans.

In the plans, we made the settings for data integration using the no-coding approach:

  • Access to the systems
  • Mapping of the fields
  • Conditions for data integration
  • Additional actions during the transfer of data
Integration: Facebook Lead Ads - Evalanche - Google Data Studio
Facebook leads are unidirectionally synced to Evalanche. Profiles and tracking data is synced from Evalanche to the BI Dashboard from Google (Data Studio). There comprehensive analyses of openings, click rates and conversions can be conducted.


Technical-procedural benefit

  • Once set up, leads can be generated across platforms.
  • Other platforms, applications and services can be connected according to the same principle.
  • All data is collected and processed in a centralized, legally compliant database.
  • All digital dialog campaigns are managed in Evalanche in a freely scalable manner.

Economic benefit

  • Once set up, linking the systems saves a lot of time.
  • Data quality is significantly improved.
  • The successes at the touchpoints are easily evaluated and the measures can be optimally controlled.
  • Security of correct data collection and thus avoidance of DSGVO penalties due to “lead wild growth”.
  • Scalability is clear, processes and costs are transparent.

Personal benefit

  • Handling many platforms becomes easier and more reliable.
  • Marketing can position itself more broadly, show more presence and reach.
  • Clean structure and flexibility for marketing teams. Effective work without being overwhelming.

Involved partners

The project is realized with the marketing automation platform Evalanche.

Federkiel & Partner
The conception of the content and the implementation of the campaign was carried out by Federkiel & Partner.

You can watch the entire webinar here (in German):

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Learn more about the Marini Integration Platform in an online demo and discover the benefits.
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