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Norbert Schuster now Acts as Director Business Development for Marini Systems

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Norbert Schuster, Head of Business Development at Marini Systems, on stage

Lead management guru joins Frankfurt-based data integration company.

Frankfurt am Main, May 05, 2020 +++ Norbert Schuster, the leading German expert for lead management, will take over Business Development at Marini Systems GmbH as of May 1, 2020. Schuster is a renowned strategy consultant for digitalization in marketing and sales, coach for lead management and marketing automation, author of numerous books and shareholder of strike2 GmbH. Through the solutions of the Frankfurt-based data integration company Marini Systems, companies can integrate any existing systems and external services, create individual enterprise data platforms and intelligently automate their processes in sales and marketing: The foundation for Robotic Selling.

Schuster’s core tasks at Marini Systems include expanding the partner network and supporting the company’s strategic positioning.

The technology for the next big step in sales and marketing

Norbert Schuster comments on his involvement with Marini Systems as follows: “Over the past ten years, I have focused primarily on issues of strategy and conception – in lead management, marketing automation and sales digitization. What makes Marini Systems so exciting is that it allows companies to get a grip on the practical implementation of concepts. They integrate systems and data and can optimally automate and control processes. For professionalization and digitization in sales and marketing, Marini Systems’ technology means the next very big step forward.” Conversely, Manuel Marini, co-founder and CEO of Marini Systems, is also pleased about the reinforcement of his team: “With Norbert, one of the pioneers of the scene comes on board with us. I think that our areas of expertise complement each other ideally. With Norbert joining us, we will strategically expand the area of partner management and enable partners to professionally enter the field of Robotic Selling with Marini Systems’ software products – business development in the true sense”.

The most important expert for digital lead management in Germany

Norbert Schuster is a strategy consultant and managing director of strike2 GmbH. He offers strategy consulting for digitalization in marketing and sales and helps companies to use the potential of digitalization for their marketing. He advises and supports companies independently of manufacturers and products in strategy as well as concept development and implementation of lead management, marketing automation and the Waterhole Strategy®. Norbert Schuster is a speaker, lecturer and author of the books “Digitalization in Marketing and Sales”, “Marketing Automation for Existing Customers”, “Lead Management” and “The Inbound Marketing Method”.

About Marini Systems

Marini Systems GmbH from Frankfurt is a data integration company whose solutions can be used to integrate any systems and intelligently automate processes in sales and marketing. The Enterprise Data Platform developed by Marini Systems consists of two components: the HubEngine and the DataEngine. These solutions are used to connect any existing systems and external services so that companies can create individual and high-performance customer data platforms. A typical use case is Robotic Selling: process automation based on scientific data analysis across the boundaries of marketing and sales.

The two founders and shareholders of Marini Systems are Manuel Marini, who is also CEO, and Frankfurt University professor Bernd Skiera, one of Germany’s leading researchers with a focus on data analytics in marketing and sales. Many of the company’s employees in the areas of process modeling and data analytics come from university research. Marini Systems’ customers include Henkel, Merck and VPV Versicherungen.

Learn more about the Marini Integration Platform in an online demo and discover the benefits.
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