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Seamless Integration with MARINI’s Inxmail Connectors

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Inxmail Partnertag 2023

All around successful with great prospects!

The Inxmail Partner Day 2023 in Freiburg was a true highlight. There, we introduced MARINI, our innovative integration platform, and experienced impressive workshops from Inxmail showcasing new features. The MARINI Inxmail Connectors, which enable seamless and comprehensive real-time integration of all Inxmail products into any system, represent a game changer in digital communication.

We also had intensive discussions with Inxmail, agencies, and other technology providers, which offered an inspiring exchange of ideas. You can find more details on the topics discussed in the sections and links below.

Successful all around and fantastic prospects! Attending the recently organized Inxmail partner day in Freiburg was an absolute highlight – a first-class event. In addition to inspiring conversations and new acquaintances, it was an excellent opportunity to present our innovative integration platform, MARINI. The seamless and comprehensive real-time integration of all Inxmail products into any system makes the MARINI Inxmail Connectors a real gamechanger in the world of digital communication.

The economic benefits of the Inxmail Connectors

The partnership with MARINI offers immense advantages for both Inxmail partners and customers. By using MARINI, companies not only increase their efficiency, but also their performance and competitiveness. Simplicity, security, and flexibility are just some of the advantages offered by the Inxmail Connector.
The real-time or timed integration allows a rapid adaptation to changes and opens up new possibilities for communication and interaction with customers. Cloud and hybrid hosting solutions provide the necessary flexibility to meet specific business requirements. The protection of your data is always guaranteed by hosting in Germany and our “security by design” approach.

Our intuitive UI and the Jump-Start Connectors make getting started and using the Inxmail Connector easy and straightforward. And with our variable pricing, the use remains cost-efficient at all times.

Find more information on the Inxmail Integration page.

Easy integration into all common CRM and ERP systems

The Inxmail Connector from MARINI can be easily integrated into all common CRM and ERP systems, including SAP S/4HANA. This allows data to be seamlessly exchanged between the various systems, enabling improved customer interaction and more efficient business processes. In addition, the integration helps to improve data quality and data integrity.
On the MARINI Inxmail Connectors page, you’ll find an overview of all available connectors. Contact us if your system is not yet included. The connectors can be developed very easily and quickly by us or our partners.

Inxmail Connector – The future of digital communication

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Inxmail and in particular Peter Ziras, the CEO and founder, as well as Herbert Hohn, Petra Maelzer, Michael Kreuzpeintner and the entire Inxmail team for the inspiring impulses and constructive exchange.
We are looking forward to a productive collaboration with Inxmail and the exceptional agencies we met at the partner day. Together with you, we are driving digital communication into a new era – the era of the Inxmail Connector.

Find out more about the Inxmail Connectors!
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