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The Revolution of Lead Nurturing: The SAL Application from Marini

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We all know the scenario: overflowing databases, redundant duplicates and inefficient sales processes. An effective way to improve all this is offered by the SAL Application from Marini. Let’s take a deeper look at this innovative business application and examine its use in “lead-to-sales” and “Smarketing“.

Why SAL in the lead-nurturing process?

First, we need to clarify what exactly the SAL process is. SAL stands for “Sales Accepted Lead.” These are leads that have been generated by marketing and transferred to the CRM system. They need to be accepted by sales before they move into the sales process. Sounds complicated? With the SAL Application, it becomes quite simple.

Reduce the SAL process to one click

The main goal of the SAL Application is to reduce the SAL process to a single click. Wondering how this works? Simple. Users sign up via integrated web forms and are integrated into the CRM system using iPaas. Based on previously defined criteria, the existing database is searched and any existing records are identified. With one click, a new query can be assigned to existing records or completely new records can be created automatically.

Avoid duplicates and increase efficiency

Who has time for duplicate records? When it comes to lead nurturing, the SAL application ensures that they are avoided. But not only that: it also helps make more efficient decisions. How. Through integrated ETL processes and the ability to search for people or companies with just one click, both within the system and on Google. This allows you to quickly see if more information is available and incorporate it into your decision making.

Seamless integration with your favorite tools

Another advantage we shouldn’t ignore is the compatibility of the Marini SAL Application. Already have a working set of marketing and sales tools that you love and rely on? No problem! The SAL Application integrates seamlessly with most popular marketing and sales applications with just a few clicks. Notably, these include HubSpot, Inxmail, Evalanche on the marketing side and SAP C4C, Salesforce Sales Cloud, CAS genesisWorld or CAS SmartWE on the sales side.

With this high level of interoperability, the SAL Application enables smooth and efficient collaboration between your marketing and sales teams, giving the lead nurturing process a significant boost. You no longer have to deal with the hassle of data migration or synchronization between different platforms – SAL Application takes care of everything!

Enjoy an intuitive and simplified user interface

Another aspect that makes the Marini SAL Application particularly attractive is its intuitive and simplified user interface. The application was designed with the user in mind, resulting in an interface that is both visually appealing and easy to navigate.

The clarity and simplicity of the design allows you to quickly grasp all the features and use them efficiently. Whether you want to search existing records, add new queries, or monitor the automated ETL processes, it’s just a click away with the SAL Application.

It’s also designed to meet the needs of marketing and sales professionals. This way, you can be sure that the information you need is always at hand and you can focus your attention on what’s most important: nurturing and converting leads.

Take the next step towards the smarketing revolution

It’s time to take the next step and integrate the SAL Application into your business. With it, you can simplify and streamline the entire lead-to-sales process. Are you ready for the revolution? Then don’t hesitate any longer and request the SAL Application from Marini today!

Explore the Marini Integration Platform in an online demo and get advice.
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