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Marini Systems Receives Evalanche Innovation Award

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Andreas Gozian receives Evalanche Award at Evalanche Partner Days

Marini Systems receives Evalanche Innovation Award for project at VPV Lebensversicherungs-AG.

SC-Networks, manufacturer of the marketing automation solution Evalanche, had invited all its partners to the big Evalanche Partner Day on July 3, 2018 at Lake Starnberg – including us. The atmosphere at H’ugo’s Beach Club was great, the weather was great, and the exchange with the other partners from the Evalanche cosmos was very stimulating. For our team, there was a very special highlight: Marini Systems was awarded the “Evalanche Innovation Award” in the area of technology – for the project “VPV Sales Cloud”. Andreas Gozian, our Head of Marketing Automation and Integration, presented the jointly developed sales platform for VPV Versicherung at the Evalanche Partner Day.

The Enterprise Data Platform supports sales

With total assets of 8.2 billion, the VPV Group is one of the medium-sized insurers in Germany. VPV is a pioneer in the insurance industry when it comes to integrated and automated enterprise data platforms. Because with its Sales Cloud, VPV has overcome departmental boundaries between marketing and sales and created end-to-end automated, cross-system processes to acquire, nurture and qualify leads. We did this by linking multiple systems and external services and synchronizing them bidirectionally. Real-time synchronization occurs via the Marini HubEngine, our API middleware – the basis for a sales platform in which the marketing automation solution Evalanche, the SMS service Twilio and the DataEngine interlock exactly as VPV needs them to for an optimal nurturing process.

Predictive Analytics in the insurance industry

A very important factor here is the speed of the automated nurturing process: the higher it is, the greater the probability of closing the sale. In addition, the sales platform automatically calculates the score for the new sales opportunity on the basis of predictive analytics. If the score exceeds a defined threshold, the lead is considered qualified and the sales platform automatically assigns it to the right regional sales representative in the CRM system.

The result of VPV Versicherung’s integrated sales platform and automated, end-to-end process: sales become more successful. Lars Georg Volkmann, VPV’s Chief Sales Officer and the driving force behind the project, emphasizes the increased efficiency in sales work. For him, his Sales Cloud is an important step in leveraging the potential of digitalization in insurance sales. By the way, he commented on our Evalanche Innovation Award: “We congratulate Marini Systems and are pleased that we contributed to this success with our use case.” That’s right. Because a successful path into the future always requires both: the partners with the necessary sales tech know-how and the visionary company with the willingness to change.

For all those who now want to know exactly how the VPV Sales Cloud works and which systems for which processes interlock there and how: Click here for the use case of VPV Lebensversicherungs-AG.

Learn more about the Marini Integration Platform in an online demo and discover the benefits.
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