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Robotic Selling for Insurances

Robotic Selling for insurance companies – VPV relies on Marini Systems with an Enterprise Data Platform focused on sales processes.

Lars Volkmann and Manuel Marini
Marini Systems meets VPV
Lars Georg Volkmann (left, Chief Sales Officer VPV) and Manuel Marini (right, CEO and Founder Marini Systems) meet to strengthen the cooperation between VPV and Marini Systems

Predictive analytics and machine learning open up completely new possibilities for sales – the VPV insurance group from Stuttgart is convinced of this. Together with Marini Systems from Frankfurt, it has therefore built a platform for Robotic Selling. This enables the VPV to model digital sales processes across its own IT systems, automate workflows and support its sales force through self-learning decision models. “Data silos are a problem in many companies. We resolve them with our new integration platform,” says Lars Georg Volkmann, VPV’s Chief Sales Officer. “Robotic Selling is the intelligent automation of sales processes – this increases the efficiency of our work. Above all, we can use the potential of digitalization as flexibly as we need.” That’s because the platform integrates existing software systems, but it overcomes their limitations through a platform approach. This enables VPV to implement new, intelligently automated processes – a significant step in the digital transformation of the insurer, which has been in the market for over 190 years.  One of VPV’s projects is lead acquisition, qualification and handling in the area of survivorship insurance. “With Marini Systems’ solution, we are automating our lead processing,” explains VPV CEO Volkmann. “And with the scientific data analyses and decision models, we can be sure that we are also managing the sales processes correctly.”

Robotic Selling in action

The Enterprise Data Platform for Robotic Selling automates the entire process: from the landing page with the form in the marketing automation solution Evalanche to the SMS engine Twilio to the connection of the sales system. When a lead reaches the threshold value, the platform assigns it to the most suitable sales representative. The sales rep is then provided with all relevant information, including the predicted likelihood of signing up for additional VPV products. The VPV platform is based on three Marini technologies: Marini HubEngine, as middleware, allows bidirectional synchronization of data in real time, Marini DataEngine also handles more complex integration tasks, and Marini Robotic Selling ensures intelligent control of automated processes through predictive analytics and machine learning.

The joint advertisement appeared in the Handelsblatt Journal Versicherungen November 2019. The original article can be found here (only in German).

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