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Business Brunch with Our Technology Partners

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Uniserv, SC-Networks and Marini Systems jointly invite to an exchange. All of them agree that an integrated system landscape is the key to more sales success.

On the morning of November 13, 2019, our joint business brunch took place at the Design Offices Munich (in the Highlight Towers). Together means: In addition to good food and coffee, there were presentations by our partners Uniserv, SC-Networks and by us, Marini Systems. We have had a partnership with SC-Networks, the provider of the well-known marketing automation solution Evalanche, for quite some time. At the Evalanche Partner Days 2018 and 2019, we even won the Evalanche Innovation Award in each year. The Business Brunch in Munich was now also a nice opportunity to consolidate our partnership with Uniserv. Uniserv is the German specialist for data quality and master data management.

Build a Enterprise Data Platform

And as it is the case with really good partnerships: In the end, the bundling of forces gives more than the mere sum of the parts. Because in the interaction of Uniserv, SC-Networks and Marini Systems, real synergies are created. With the solutions from Uniserv, companies ensure a clean and sustainable data basis. With the Marini Enterprise Data Platform, all relevant systems can be integrated into a customized and flexible enterprise data platform – including any legacy systems and external services. And Evalanche is the ideal tool for setting up successful marketing automation campaigns and developing leads or cross-selling opportunities to sales maturity.

Good data quality - A must

First, Christian Bernius, the Head of Sales & Marketing CDH-Solutions at Uniserv, presented in Munich what is possible with the Customer Data Hub by Uniserv in terms of data consolidation and data quality – and why a high quality of the data is the absolute foundation for every automation. Anton Lengle, our own Head of Sales and Business Development, followed this up. Anton illustrated the benefits of an integrated, yet flexible Enterprise Data Platform. He also showed why an API middleware solution like Marini HubEngine – as a component of the Marini Integration Platform – is ideal for synchronizing systems and data across sales and marketing boundaries. Whereby the Marini DataEngine handles even complex synchronization tasks by serving as an ETL layer. The purpose of such an integrated platform: end-to-end automated processes across departmental and system boundaries. Finally, Stefan Rottmann, Sales & Channel Manager at SC-Networks, demonstrated how to use Evalanche to create touchpoint campaigns, set up workflows, and avoid pitfalls – for successful nurturing routes.

More sales success thanks to integrated systems

The Business Brunch demonstrated to all participants why the strengths of the three partners mesh so perfectly. A company that addresses all three aspects in marketing and sales – data quality, synchronization and process automation – will support its sales with more and better leads. In the end, such intelligent, end-to-end automation means one thing above all: more sales success.

Learn more about the Marini Integration Platform in an online demo and discover the benefits.
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