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Process Mining Meets Robotic Selling – Celonis and Marini Systems at the Goethe University

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Marini Systems and Celonis shared insights from practice with students at Goethe University Frankfurt

From practice to university: making technology tangible for students. On January 15, 2020, together with Celonis, we presented the operational use of process mining and robotic selling to prospective data analysts and managers studying at Goethe University under Prof. Dr. Bernd Skiera.

Our work in sales tech – from system integration and process automation to data analytics and machine learning – has a lot to do with the state or progression of science. It is no coincidence that the co-founder of Marini Systems, the economist Prof. Dr. Bernd Skiera, conducts research in precisely this area. So of course we like to give feedback from our practice back to the university – and at the same time we look around for qualified employees. On January 14, 2020, we had another opportunity to do so: As part of Bernd’s lecture “Analytics in Customer Value Management”, we were guest speakers at Goethe University in Frankfurt. In addition to Daniela Schlimbach, Senior Marketing Automation Manager at Marini Systems, Janina Nakladal also gave a talk there. Janina is Senior Academic Alliance Manager at the Unicorn startup Celonis. Founded in 2011, Celonis now has 750 employees in Munich and New York, a billion-dollar valuation and triple-digit growth rates. Celonis has several software patents pending, including for the Celonis Process Query Language (PQL), which allows complex process queries to be executed on large data sets.

From university to business application

Bernd opened his lecture for the master’s program by pointing out that the two guest lectures were special from two points of view. On the one hand, two software companies founded in Germany were giving insights into their activities – and on the other hand, he was able to welcome two women from the IT industry as speakers for the first time. As I already said, we as technology and software companies also benefit from our contacts with universities. Because currently there are simply too few well-trained specialists. This applies not least to the IT sector and STEM experts, but there is also a need for creative minds in management who think beyond conventional structures and blaze new trails. At Marini Systems, we have had selected working students on our team for many years to support us. Some of them have stayed with us directly after graduating. Others, such as Uwe Ostermann, have come back to us after completing their doctorate. Uwe can now call himself “Dr. rer. pol. Business Informatics”. As Head of Data Analytics, he is responsible for developing machine learning models for our products.


On the occasion of the meeting with Janina from Celonis, it was exciting for us to see that one of the really weighty unicorns in the German software landscape is also consistently going to universities and schools to recruit junior managers for its own company. We agree: The first step is to get young people excited about this promising career field. Only then can our industry grow sustainably.

We are hiring!
By the way, we at Marini Systems are currently looking for data analysts and marketing automation managers who would like to support our team. Become part of our team – it’s worth it. Because we move something: With our developments we shape the future in sales and marketing!

Here you can find the presentation Daniela gave at the House of Finance on 15.01.2020.

Learn more about the Marini Integration Platform in an online demo and discover the benefits.
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