MongoDB is a document-based NoSQL database that was released in 2009 as open source under the commercial licence GNU AGPL version 3.0 of the Free Software Foundation.

At its core, MongoDB differs fundamentally from relational databases. It does not manage tables, but documents in collections. MongoDB supports a dynamic schema. This means that the documents in a collection can have different fields and, in particular, different structures. In addition, collections of documents can be distributed across several systems, which makes MongoDB horizontally scalable.

MongoDB can therefore work performantly with very large amounts of data that may have a dynamic structure. These are properties that are particularly suitable for the digitalisation of marketing and sales.

Via the MongoDB HubEngine Adapter, databases can be connected to other systems without a single line of code. Data from a CRM system or from a web analysis application, for example, can thus be easily written to a MongoDB at regular intervals or even in real time – or retrieved from there.

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