Omikron Integration

Unlimited, secure and high performance

Integrate Omikron Data Solutions’ data quality solution effortlessly into your system landscape: The Enterprise Integration Platform from Marini Systems offers you an easy-to-use interface (no-coding UI), a high-performance real-time integration, and all functions for an almost unlimited integration of Omikron solutions into all relevant systems such as CRM, ERP, MDM, MDG, and many more.

Integrate Omikron solutions easily and more successfully

Cloud, hybrid, on-premises, all endpoints, fast, scalable and secure

Technical details

Selected features for powerful Omikron Data Solutions integrations

  • All endpoints
    All modules of your Omikron system (and endpoints) are fully integratable and automatically recognized.
  • All methods
    Besides read, write and update, other methods can be used in Omikron modules.
  • Uni- and bidirectional
    Synchronization can be configured unidirectional or bidirectional for your system.
  • Workflow engine
    Determine along the customer journey which checks, rules and enrichments your data should go through.
  • Duplicate check
    No matter if Chinese, Russian or just German data – the check helps you to find similar data sets intelligently and to merge them automatically.
  • Postal validations
    Get global address data for the perfect supply chain or geo-coordinates.
  • Field optimizations
    Correct capitalization, company name extraction and external data sources help you optimize data.
  • Flexible synchronization
    Create records in one synchronization direction and only update them in the opposite direction – no problem.
  • Conditions & Actions
    Data can also be synchronized from or to your Omikron systems only according to certain criteria.
  • Systems evolve continuously
    New fields are read out, recognized and can be directly integrated into the synchronization via dialog.
  • Hosting independence
    Link your Omikron system to others, whether hosted in the cloud, hybrid or on-premises.
  • Individual development
    Model your individual connectors of your Omikron system via the intuitive user interface.

Full feature list

Details of the full feature list can be found under the HubEngine and DataEngine components. Information about the integration technologies, the bookable data packages and the Professional Services are documented under the Platform.

Omikron Data Solutions GmbH integrates successfully with Marini Systems

Omikron helps companies reach growth targets through an intelligent data strategy. The optimal situation is when the data is seamlessly integrated into the customers’ CRM and ERP systems. For data integration, we trust in our partner Marini Systems, who is specialized in integration and professional data management. Double-digit growth is achieved in Digital Sales: through Artificial Intelligence, Personalization and Segmentation in eCommerce & Marketing. All digital sales strategies need the right integrated data.

Thomas Rühlemann, Senior Account Manager at Omikron Data Solutions GmbH

Selected cases of Omikron integrations in use

Data quality: A key success factor in customer management. Through Omikron and Marini Systems, this is no problem in all CRM and ERP systems.

If CRM processes do not function properly, this affects the success of many areas of the company: Sales, support, controlling, marketing, product development – all the way to the strategic decisions made by management. The CRM system is then often criticized, although it is actually the master data that is to blame. Because every year, 25% of the data in the CRM system loses its validity due to relocations, job changes, marriage, etc.. In addition, there are incorrect entries and duplicate contacts. Data quality in CRM is therefore of fundamental importance.

No matter how good your CRM system is, only with error-free, consistent master data can you get the maximum benefit from your software and implement your CRM strategy optimally. Permanently solving data problems instead of constantly editing them – this is exactly what the Marini integration platform and services from Omikron enable you to do: With a basic cleansing, you raise the data quality in CRM to the top level. Afterwards, integrated modules and individual data quality processes ensure that your data remains at this level – for example, through automated duplicate checking and subsequent data cleansing as soon as it is entered in the Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Initial cleansing as part of a data migration to a new CRM

A migration of existing master data is always challenging, as the quality of the data to be migrated must match the requirements of the target system. However, this is not always guaranteed and thus represents a risk for the migration as well as for subsequent processes.

Duplicates, incorrect data, or different data structures in the source and target systems greatly complicate the data migration project and thus also effective work with the new system. If these deficiencies are only detected in the new system, this has a considerable impact on employee acceptance. For this reason, attention must be paid to the high quality of the data already during the data migration and the highest priority must be assigned to data quality.

Thus, the quality of the data to be migrated is one of the central points that determine the success of the migration. The seamless integration of the involved systems into the Marini integration platform, is one of the key components to successfully implement your data migration project in time and budget.

Omikron Use Case - DQS (Data Quality Server) Diagram
Omikron Use Case - DQS (Data Quality Server)

Continuous high-quality and clean data in ERP (e.g. SAP ERP) and CRM (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics) for reliable sales insights

To meet the challenges of digitization, companies need a reliable overall picture of their customers in which master data and transaction data (transaction and interaction data) have been merged.

Sales usually works with two systems, a CRM system and an ERP system. In this scenario, the golden record is formed based on the data from both systems and combined with the transaction data from the ERP to form a 360° view (golden profile) of the customer.

In the process, the data is loaded effortlessly, securely and quickly into the Marini integration platform, the data structures are standardized and optimized for processing in the DQS. Afterwards, they are cleaned in the DQS and fed back to the source or target systems. In this way, continuous data quality can be guaranteed.

Only on the basis of such a holistic view can companies build up reliable knowledge about their customers or the course of business, create personalized offers or discover unused sales potential.

Omikron Use Case - LeanMDM Diagram
Omikron Use Case - LeanMDM

Frequently Asked Questions

You can integrate all Omikron systems as long as they are released via the API of your Omikron system. In HubEngine, you simply select the corresponding module in the adapter configuration.

Primarily, you need at least the HubEngine for your integration. Depending on your requirements, it may make sense to add the DataEngine as another component. This becomes necessary if you want to orchestrate, transform or store data as in a decentralized or centralized platform. Of course, you can also add the DataEngine to your platform in a second step.

You can easily connect your Omikron system via the HubEngine user interface. Here you will learn step by step how this works. More useful tips, articles and tutorials about HubEngine can be found in the Help Center.

Just contact our sales team. Our sales team will clarify the exact requirements with you, answer all important technical questions and advise you on which Professional Service is most suitable for you. For example, a planning project would make sense if you are not yet able to define the exact requirements. If you want to be advised holistically over a longer period of time, a consulting contract seems to make the most sense. However, individual implementation projects are also possible.

The price of your integration solution depends on several factors. On the one hand, it depends on the components booked, and on the use of the platform. We transparently price the use of the platform. You only pay as much as you use (i.e. synchronize or store). You can get a quote for your integration from our sales department. However, please keep in mind that without the exact specific technical requirements, no quote can be provided. Then our sales department can only give you a non-binding estimate based on our experience.

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