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HubEngine: Release Notes

Hier veröffentlichen wir alle Releases der HubEngine. Du kannst alle neuen Features, Enhancements und Bugfixes nachlesen.

Release 23.04.1

Release Date: 11.04.2023

Bug Fixes

  • Export/Import: Prevent mapping export/import issues, when empty mappings are configured
  • View: Live tab and activate view padding
  • Internal: Meaningful error message in case of unexpected error
  • Internal: Fix pagination on admin account page not working
  • Internal: Fix adapter options validation didn’t work


  • Feature: Add test mode to plans
  • Log: Improved error handling based on interaction exceptions from controller, misc. fixes regarding exception handling
  • Internal: Admin Systems Route overhaul
  • Mapping: Add possibility to add default value for regexp transformation data mapper
  • Plans: Allow adapters to force identifier/update fields
  • Configuration: Allow different types adapter options form

Release 23.01.1

Release Date: 02.01.2023

Bug Fixes

  • internal Bugfixes

Release 22.12.3

Release Date: 29.12.2022

Bug Fixes

  • Internal: Base relation counts
  • Import: Connection Import error with valid import file
  • Performance: Records should be applied, even when action conditions can not be evaluated
  • Performance: Faster recovery if a plan execution fails, because the adapter is not present anymore
  • Logging: Remove unnecessary message “Failure loading some system information”
  • Views: Added information that webhook needs to be activated for trigger further plans to work
  • Views: Improved design for a group with no plans


  • User: Added e-mail account invitation
  • Public Plan: Added notice to public plan search that search is limited
  • Public Plan: Add possibility to show/hide headers, footers, searchbar and more for public plan whitelabel
  • Relations: Show number of added/updated relations on relation import
  • Views: Add sticky table headers for group list, group permissions and account usage
  • Logging: Added warning for mass transfer if adapter returned empty data
  • Logging: Display array values in mapping debug log messages
  • Logging: Added warning if relation is missing for field relation lookup

Release 22.12.2

Release Date: 06.12.2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fix group authorization labels in admin view


  • Add data prefix for data object fields as changed by adapter

Release 22.12.1

Release Date: 06.12.2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed processed records counter
  • Modify planstate counter calculation to show correct sums in all cases


  • Improved log messages
  • Time range is extended when clicking on planstate details in live view (Statistics)

Release 22.09.1

Release Date: 06.09.2022

Bug Fixes

  • Improved OAuth error handling
  • Add alert and emergency log level to notification subscriptions
  • When creating a new plan, always display the “Deactivate Relations” advanced option

Release 22.07.1

Release Date: 19.07.2022

Bug Fixes

  • Mapping not displayed and error in edit form if a field was removed
  • Display selected string mapping option when editing a connection
  • Invitation token not generated on internal user creation


  • Descriptions added to connection actions and conditions

Release 22.06.4

Release Date: 01.07.2022

Bug Fixes

  • Ignore relation usage in correct timeframe

Release 22.06.3

Release Date: 30.06.2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fix job rescheduler only works to the full hour

Release 22.06.2

Release Date: 28.06.2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fix fields not searchable by id when creating a new plan
  • Fix oauth2 still using old path structure resulting in access denied issues
  • Fix missing fields in connection editor if fields have the same label
  • Fix error pages are not displayed
  • Fix empty select list has to small height
  • Fix error when registering a new user account

Release 22.06.1

Release Date: 21.06.2022


  • Plans using the same shared relation store are run sequently to prevent corrupt relations stores
  • Reworked url structure allows bookmarking and editing in multiple tabs simultaneously
  • Plans using the same relation store are more clearly marked


  • Enhanced and added documentation links to HelpCenter articles
  • Enhanced loading performance on plan detail view
  • Add field label to identifier/update field selection step on plan creation

Release 22.05.1

Release Date: 17.05.2022


  • Allow disabling/enabling of connections (Documentation)
  • Reworked user dashboard (Documentation)
  • Add field labels for adapters and show them instead of internal field name


  • HelpCenter link with group usage examples
  • Prevent dead documentation links
  • Add info to relation upload form that only 1:1 relations are allowed and that later entries overwrite first entries
  • Make it more visible when a new plan is created


You can deactivate a connection in the advanced options.
If you deactivate a connection in the advanced options a warning is then displayed. The arrow between the logos is also grayed out.
Your personal HubEngine Dashboard appears after you log in.
Your personal token can be found when you click your profile icon in the horizontal navigation.
Besides the field label, the internal field name is also displayed. Commonly they are the same.
Besides the field label, the internal field name is also displayed. Commonly they are the same.

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