The Incredible Machine

Day-to-day business in marketing and sales has an unfavorable bias in its priorities towards new customer generation. By default, the focus is on lead generation in the sense of the classic sales funnel mindset. At the same time, companies have data about existing customer relationships and experiences from past business can be harnessed. The greatest business potential therefore comes from business with your existing customers – not from leads!

The Golden Record becomes the central instrument of communication

Flowchart of The Incredible Machine

We help to focus one’s own communication ecosystem in the dialog with customers and prospects in order to gain sovereignty over dramaturgy, orchestration and data – and thus over value creation.

Turning customer data into business value

In order to make customer data systematically usable for marketing and sales, a platform is required in which the essential data can be stored, merged and made available for sales and other software solutions such as newsletter systems.

People and software need to be able to work effectively with this data in equal measure!

This involves a wide range of data and processes that are of central importance. In particular, this includes the business potential, also called opportunities and deals. Furthermore, the master data of the company, such as accounts and persons, are of great importance to enable effective management of customers and business partners. Likewise, notes and tasks play an important role in organizing and coordinating information and work steps.

Our objective: The Golden Record

Poor data quality and data redundancy are expensive and hinder sales! Together with Marini Systems, we help bring together customer and transaction data from different sources and provide a holistic view of all customers.

In other words: We create so-called golden records from customer data!

In this way, we enable a uniform and complete view of the customer – all important information is centrally available and visible at a glance.

The best thing about it: A significant part of this work is technically highly complex, but can essentially be implemented by Marini Systems and us once the technical basics and contact persons have been clarified.

A holistic view of the customer is critical to business success!

Focus on a true CDP with a centralized data view, centralized process control and flexible real-time reports

The Incredible Machine based on Marini Integration Platform

With “The Incredible Machine based on Marini Integration Platform” we have summarized the essential functions that are crucial for a successful start in regular customer marketing – we call it ERP Based Performance Marketing.

  • A fully integrated and clear sales pipeline for marketing and sales
  • Customizable dashboards that allow evaluations and decisions to be made on the fly
  • Real-time reporting for management, marketing and sales, for example
  • Automation and process control across systems in real time (workflows)
  • Professional user, rights and role management according to the motto “need to know”.
  • A fully responsive software interface for optimal use regardless of the end device – smartphone, PC, tablet.
  • Clear DoI management for your legal security – who has given consent for which measures
  • A connection to an optional newsletter system included – so you can start with marketing automation right away!
  • Extensive services: User and Tech Support, Help Center, Academy

The CDP can be connected to all common ERPs and marketing tools.

Marini Systems' Customer Data Platform is high-performance, scalable, secure and privacy compliant.

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