Non-profit organizations

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A non-profit organization has many target groups (including members, donors, volunteers, partners, customers). Here it is important to have a central overview of all activities and interactions and to build a strong relationship. The data at a glance and the automation of processes increase the effectiveness of your campaigns and allow more time for the actual work.

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Integrate systems

Facing the system multiplicity with integration
Organizations from the non-profit and association sectors have target groups whose structure and behavior differ greatly (heterogeneity). They need to attract new members, collect donations, and manage partners for the thematic implementation of their issue. These structural differences pose major challenges for data integration. As a result of the different requirements, a wide variety of systems are usually also used. Nevertheless, it is often necessary to connect the data and view it as a whole. For this purpose, all systems can easily be integrated via the Marini Integration Platform and their data can be connected.

Use touchpoints

Managing stakeholders holistically with a centralized view
A major threat to non-profit organizations and non-gonvernmental organizations is the exodus of members and donors. They need to recognize signs of churn early on so they can take countermeasures. This only works if signals from all touchpoints are integrated and processes run stringently. Often, a central data platform is used here, where all information is collected. This means that all important interaction data is available and visible in one central location. This allows you to interact optimally with your stakeholders and thus achieve the highest customer satisfaction – you optimize your processes due to integrated data and systems.

Raise potentials

Make marketing more effective with a holistic view of data
Organizations in the non-profit and association sectors provide a wide range of services to their members or those in need. These services need to be communicated at many touchpoints to optimize reputation and external presentation. This communication also supports the solicitation of members and donors. Managing communication content and responses presents challenges for integration from both a complexity and performance perspective. For example, many systems are in use, and data is scattered and confusing. With the Marini Integration Platform you can make the data centrally visible or distribute it across your systems.

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