Integration Workflows

Automate your processes faster and unlimited

Model your processes precisely and unlimitedly across systems and increase your success. The Marini Integration Platform offers you all possibilities. Integrated processes increase your success significantly, because you can react much faster in the right moments and your data is available without a break.

Rely on scalable, effective and flexible technology

Powerful Integration Technology for more success

Automate processes

Automate your processes across systems
With Integration Workflows you can control and automate your processes across systems. Your processes are no longer bound to the limits of a single system, but can be modeled and automated across any number of systems with the Marini Integration Platform.

Seamless data

Break down your data silos and access your data everywhere
Integration Workflows allows you to easily and conveniently synchronize your data between your systems. You can synchronize data in real time or on via a schedule, both uni- and bidirectionally. The HubEngine gives you all the flexibility you need to synchronize data between your systems.

Integrate over 300 systems

Cloud, hybrid, on-premises, all endpoints, uni- and bidirectional, unlimited, secure and GDPR compliant

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