Enterprise Data Integration in Healthcare

In the healthcare sector in particular, strict legal requirements have to be met and the products and services are often consultation-intensive. Here, integrated systems and thus clean and complete data support better sales decisions. The integrated data and processes also provide the basis for the realization of seamless patient experiences.

Integrate all marketing and sales systems in the healthcare industry

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Connect data

Rely on a high-performance integration platform
In the healthcare industry, large volumes of prospects and customers are managed. The integration solution must be able to synchronize these data volumes with high performance. This results in specific requirements for system integration and process automation. However, customer data is usually distributed across many systems. A flexible and high-performance integration solution can be used to merge the customer data – for a consistent view of the customer and thus an efficient sales process.

Automate processes

Seamlessly integrate all systems used in the sales process
Since healthcare companies have customers from both B2B and B2C sectors, this poses special challenges for data integration. Here, the automation capabilities of the Marini Integration Platform play a key role in tailoring and automating communication activities In this way, companies can intelligently automate their marketing and sales processes and thus address the complexity of the customer structure.

Meet requirements

Easily meet all compliance requirements
Since offerings in the healthcare sector are often directly related to patients, strict legal requirements must be met and, in particular, documentation obligations must be fulfilled. Information must be securely logged, managed and synchronized with the relevant systems. This is only possible with uncompromisingly integrated systems. Systems in the healthcare industry also have to meet certain security requirements – and this also applies to our platform. Since we have already successfully implemented many projects in the healthcare sector, we have successfully completed the corresponding tests in the context of security and GDPR.

Raise potentials

Facing complexity with clean and consistent data
Due to the complexity of the offerings, the intensity of consulting is high. This is reflected in many contacts and a lot of data. This information must be made available to all parties involved to enable optimal service and sales success. Therefore, service and sales must always have the latest data available and on demand without delay. With the Marini Integration Platform your entire system landscape is integrated. All your data is synchronized and available in all integrated systems – in real time. This way, your processes, whether in sales, service or marketing, can be controlled across department boundaries.

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