Centralized Data Management

Obtain a complete view of your customer data

Put the customer at the center by obtaining a consistent view of your customer data. In the centralized platform, you pull together all the relevant information about a customer. There you can consolidate, validate, condense and enrich the data. In this way, you have all the important information about your customers available, structured and visible in one centralized location.

Rely on scalable, effective and flexible technology

Powerful Integration Technology

Centralized customer view

Get a centralized view of your customers
A centralized data platform gives you a single view of your customer data. There, you consolidate the data from all systems and perform data cleansing. What remains is a clean and centrally accessible customer profile. This enables you to make better decisions and serve your customers’ needs even better.

Increased data quality

Manage your data centralized and increase your data quality
By managing your data centrally, you can precisely control your data quality. You can even introduce centralized master data management by creating golden records and managing them in the platform. In this way, you also achieve higher data quality in the source systems if you control your data centrally.

Integrate over 300 systems

Cloud, hybrid, on-premises, all endpoints, uni- and bidirectional, unlimited, secure and GDPR compliant

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